Some beach…somewhere…

March 1, 2007

I can officially say…. I’M DARN SICK OF WINTER!!!!  Yet, again, I woke up to snow on the ground this morning.  Now, most of my Canadian friends (and possibly Alaskan) would be telling me to suck it up cuz it’s ONLY March 1st, and there’s still plenty of “winter” left in Canada.  But I would like to argue.  I moved down to Vancouver just over a year ago, and part of the appeal of the move was the locals assuring me the winters here were MUCH shorter, and if nothing else, VERY mild.  Now, I don’t know what you consider mild, but compared to Canadian winters, I would describe mild as warm enough to avoid snow.  (yet another attribute Vancouverites like to brag about)  And yet, this winter we have been hit by some the biggest snow storms in Vancouver history.  Lovely.  That would be my luck…the year i move here.

So this morning I get up and look outside, and find, yes the ground covered in snow, but there was a strange phenomenon happening.  It was snowing, and yet, I looked up, and it was sunny…yes, blue sky and all.  Now, I promise, I was fully awake this time, no haunted house dreams going on or anything.  But there might be an explanation…

I used to live in Kelowna, and for those who don’t know, it is arguably the most beautiful place in the country, possibly the nation.  (most Californians would debate this, i know) But it has been compared to the like of Hawaii and The Napa Valley.  Anyways, it’s built around a lake, which keeps it cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. But we get this strange occurrence once in a while, where, it’s not cloudy and yet, it’s snowing…or so it would seem.  Actually, what’s happening, it the water from the lake is evaporating, like water does, but the air is cold enough, that it’s solidifying, and coming back down as some semblance of snow.  This phenomenon has officially been named.  Fleuvage.  Look it up in the dictionary.  Can’t find it?  Funny…that’s probably because it’s a term dubbed by our local weather man, dear mr. mike roberts.  The whole city knows him, he’s been forecasting for over 20 years.  So yes, he is allowed to come up with names like “Fleuvage”. 

It might even be added to the new scrabble dictionary…


5 Responses to “Some beach…somewhere…”

  1. Damon said you say it might be the most beautiful place in your nation…….now tell me why us Californians and Americans would debate that?

  2. Cor said

    uh…because last i checked, Californians (not ALL americans) 😉 believe the only place that truly exists is California…so therefore, Kelowna COULDN’T be the best place…kapiche?? 😛

  3. Anonymous said

    i never expected to read blogs about Mike Roberts. Mike Roberts is so great, he was named top weather man in 1992! you should name your valleyball team “fleuvage”!
    my spine started tingling with excitment at the prospect of a kelowna summer and now i can hardly focus. my favorite smell in the world is sweat mixed with sunscreen mixed with okanagan lakewater…. perfection!

  4. Amy J said

    ooopsies! you probably could have guessed, anonmymous was me! but i thought i would clarify to avoid annoying people who hate the annonimity that certain posters hide behind.

  5. Anonymous said

    I live in Kelowna, its not that nice. its okay in the summer months but its an arctic tundra in winter. the town is one big strip mall. California is much better.

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