Out with the old, in with the new.

December 31, 2007

I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions. I find them highly over rated, and never taken seriously with in the first couple weeks of making them. Pessimistic? Nah…I like to think of it as realistic. However, I do find myself to get very reflective at this time of year. Looking back over the past 365 days….the fun, the not so much fun, the people that have come into, and gone out of my life, the things I can’t wait to do again, the things I’ll NEVER in a million years do again (bet you’re wondering what THAT is, huh?!).  What I especially notice every year, is that with ever year older I get, the faster the next year goes by. I have never had a year so chalk full of experiences, travels, up and downs, and yet, it feels like it all happened in a swift week. So I reflect…

The year began quite unexpectedly really. A new suitor showed up on my door step the first week of January and we spent the next 6 months living life to it’s fullest. Visiting the likes of San Diego, San Francisco, Disneyland, Phoenix, Santa Rosa, the Napa Valley and then some. I look back on those months as some of the fondest times I can remember. And if I could do it again, I would. In a heartbeat.

April brought some less happy times as my grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed from this world into the next. Deaths in the family are never something one wants to experience, but you never truly feel closer to your family then in times of sorrow. It brought a side of my family together that hadn’t been all in one place since the passing of my uncle back in 2002. The reunion, despite the circumstances was nice.

Summer came, as it normally does of course.  Many evenings of volleyball, afternoons on the beach, trips up to Kelowna and the occasional day of work. 😀 It was possibly the calm before the storm, of sorts. Fall was notably more exciting. I started off the trend by bringing a new addition into the house in the form of a 2lb, 4-legged fur ball. Was it a mouse? Was it a dog? No couldn’t be a dog…lame excuse for a dog! Ah yes, it was indeed. But not JUST a dog…a POCKET DOG, none the less. And yes, despite the pleas of better judgement from friends, I even carried her around in a purse. I called it a bag, but who was I kidding…it was a purse!

October brought Thanksgiving and the visit of my brother and his wife, and my most darling niece, Lucy. It also brought the unfortunate event of experiencing Vancouver drivers at their best as I got rear ended one rainy evening and wrote of the only car I had ever owned.  It wasn’t an altogether bad experience as I now drive, for the first time in my driving career, a brand new car. Ahhh….the sweet smell of “new car”! (simple minds, simple pleasures!) 🙂 November brought changed dynamics in my current living situation and so it was deemed time to move on. On a fairly sudden whim I moved into a splendid little basement suite in the heart of Kerrisdale and had a hay day decorating and furnishing it to my heart’s content!

I got settled in just in time for the massive yearly push to Christmas through the month of December. 9 hour days at work, Christmas parties, Special Meetings…it was a busy month. The end finally arrived with the much anticipated week of Christmas holidays. But as tradition would have it, I got flattened by the most recent bug that happened to be circulating, and I’m still not convinced that Christmas has happened yet. Is it possible that it came and went and I was too incoherent to realize it???

And so here we are…and the brink of yet another year. What lies ahead in the next 365 days is really anybody’s guess. Doesn’t it strike you funny how blindly we go into each day. We literally do NOT know how that day is going to end. Makes one feel pretty small and insignificant, don’t you think. Or, it can be the most exhilarating part of life. The unknown. The surprise.

That is my one resolution for 2008:

Embrace each new day as the gift of excitement and anticipation for which it was intended.

This will be the best year yet.


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