February 10, 2008

Well here we are, just a few days short of one of the most famous holidays of the year…not to mention one of the biggest hallmark holidays of the year! 😉 Quite honestly though, this holiday is 2nd only to Christmas as the largest card sending holiday of the year with approximatly 1 billion valentine’s being sent each year. The stat I find most entertaining is that it’s estimated that 85% of all valentines are purchased by women. (oh how I love Wikipedia 😉 ) Slighty ironic, wouldn’t you say, seeing as women tend to be the ones that expect the MOST out of that day?! Is this stat so high because we actually buy OURSELVES valentines??? Hmmmm…I’ll never tell….

So what IS the deal with this day?! It has become one of the most dreaded days for single women and attached men. I’m not sure Mr Valentine would be real impressed with the way the trends have gone. I think it was originally a holiday intended to flatter and pamper the one you love, which of course women will never protest. However, with how rediculously marked up gifts, flowers and even some dinners out become, just during this week, it has taken alot of the fun out of the holiday, and instead is just a financial investment. (lucky for Hallmark!!) Now what fun is that??  However, I can’t lie, I’m a girl (clearly) and I love to be pampered, but a little of the romance is definatly lost. I think probably one of the best Valentine’s was when I just went out with the girls…no pressure, no strain…just a fun girls night out! Which is generally why single women tend to despise this day. There’s nothing like a “couple’s day” to rub in just a little more the fact that you are STILL not a couple!! lol I think most single guys would like to argue that they are quite happy to be unattached on V-day…saves them a heck of money. But seriously, who are we kidding…we all like having that special someone, no?

(Wow…am I the eternal cynicist or what??) hehe

Anyways, that all being said, it is pretty awesome to be out on a special evening with that special someone doing that special something, whatever it may be! I will never say no to flowers, chocolate, rose petals, candles, romance…ok I’ll stop. Hey! I’m a girl, what can i say!!! 😀



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