Patience is a virtue

June 13, 2008

Ok, so I’m not trying to rant on the human race, but, ok, i am.

There’s just some funny things that people do that continue to humor me. Like last night, as I was leaving work, I’m walking past a bus stop and one of the ladies waiting for the bus is literally half way out into the road trying to see as far down the road as possible to see if there was a bus coming. Now, this is really the kettle callling the pot black, because I’ve done it too, but it just strikes me as funny. The truth of it is, when you look that far down the road, you might see a bus, but you can’t read the number so you still don’t know if it’s yours, and if it IS, seeing it half a mile away, isn’t going to get it to your stop any sooner than if you just saw it as it was pulling up. So why stress?? Might as well sit back, plug in your ear buds and count cars. Your bus will show at the exact time it does. (now THAT was profound) Willing it to appear around the corner will have little to do with it. The best part is, Vancouver transit is notorious for running behind so you might as well enjoy your extra few minutes of tardiness!


2 Responses to “Patience is a virtue”

  1. Iqbal said

    Same thing here in Toronto, except swap bus for street car. I really don’t see the point of standing out on the streetcar tracks, its not like it’ll make the streetcar speed up when they see you. True, Vancouver trans is always late, but its better than TTC (Toronto transit), where either the streetcars will all be headed north or all be headed south. Since they all head one way, the other way gets packed with people that fill up all the streetcars, making me think I’m a sardine…I ❤ public transit!

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