As of today…

September 12, 2010

Ahhhh….what a crazy couple of weeks. We are FINALLY living in our happy little home!!! I’m sorry I haven’t posted any pix lately – I’m going to blame it mostly on the fact I didn’t know where my camera for most of the time! 😉 At any rate, I am getting close to having the house organized and unpacked so I thought I would do a grand finale at that point…maybe in a week? In the mean time, this is what the last couple of weeks held for us…

The house was not ready Aug 27th like it was supposed to be. The vendors told us we could move in that Sunday, seeing as we had to be out of our rental. On Saturday, Aug 26th I came by the house just to check on it, and discovered there was still no hot water, the toilets weren’t working and the fridge was the only working appliance. We were supposed to live here??? So we renegotiated and the vendors put us up in a hotel for an extended period of time, which ended up being an entire week. (The last few days of which, I might add, we discovered we were cohabiting with small rodents!) ACK!

Finally, Tuesday, Sept 7th, we started living here. It has been so wonderful. We love everything about it – the house, the big windows, the view, the very friendly neighbors, and especially all the neighborhood puppies! It is a VERY dog friendly street! We have been doing some general work like paint touch up, window cleaning and mailbox installation – all very fun at this point! The contractor has a few projects left such as painting the garage, enclosing the range vent and adding some floor trim, but other than that, we are pretty much all set. It has been quite the adventure, but SO worth it!

Now we are ready for company!!! Who’s coming first??? 🙂

I will post more pics ASAP…


3 Responses to “As of today…”

  1. Amy said

    I would LOVE to come stay with you. But I guess I’d better wait awhile since I’m busy here in Anchorage. It’s so exciting to picture you in your new little home! Congrats!

  2. Jason and Sue said

    So exciting!! Those living room windows are amazing! ahh…a comfy chair, nice warm blanket, cup of coffee, and that view! I want to come over!

  3. Doug & Barb said

    WOW – what exciting news! We are so HAPPY for you both, and your patience has now paid off with such a lovely house. I know the HOUSE will immediately turn into a HOME for Friends and Workers. Oh, we would so love to be your first visitors, and hope next summer might include a cruise up your way. Thank Andy for calling Brian, as it meant a great deal to him. I think you folks need to come back to MN real soon to check out Grandma Lou’s new ‘crib’.

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