Another day another fad?

July 8, 2011

The time has come for a lifestyle change! I’m not fat, I’m not pregnant, I’m not depressed….I just need a change! Far too many years of “hitting the gym” has finally taken it’s toll and I’m on to my latest endeavour! Call me nuts (cuz I’ve already called myself worse) but I’m doing the infamous P90X. Apparently it’s been big on the infomercial channels, but that wasn’t my introduction. I’ve been hearing about it for months, and finally, I had a patient come in whom I hadn’t seen in about 3 months and the guys was literally TWICE the size he had been. And I’m talking muscle, not fat. No, I’m not becoming a body builder, but when you get that great of results it’s kinda hard to argue. What is it? Well, you could google it, but let me do my best to explain….

P90X is a 90 day extreme home work out routine. All it requires is a pull up bar, dumbbells or resistance bands, a work out mat, and a whole lot of COMMITMENT! For 90 days, you do a 1 hour workout, 6 days a week with 1 rest day. It’s based on “muscle confusion” which means you will never plateau in your progress because just about the time your body gets used to the work outs (30 days) you switch it up.  But if you REALLY want to get results, you also have to buy in to the nutrition plan. This too is based on a 90 day, 3 phase routine. The first 30 days is “Fat burning” so, high protein and low carbs. The next 30 days carbs and protein are roughly equal, and the final 30 days is “energy boosting” so it’s high carbs and low protein.

I’m going big. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s throwing myself into something so here goes!!

I am currently on day 4 of the Lean program. (The Lean program is more based on cardio and endurance then muscle building). Cardio has always been my weak point so although so P90X vets may say this is “easier”, I say, bah-humbug. 🙂  So far, my butt has been royally kicked and I’m loving it! (The fact my core and abs are so thrashed I can’t sit up in bed, has to be a good sign…) The nutrition plan is tough in the way that I’m finding it hard to get enough calories on a high protein diet, but I’ve found when all else fails…more protein powder!

So my stats… Well, I started at 151lbs with a BMI of 21.7. Technically there is nothing wrong with those numbers, I’m just not fit! My resting HR is 60 BPM (again not bad) but my ability to recover from maximal HR – not so impressive. My main goal is to lower my recovery time (significantly) and should I be so lucky, lose a few inches off a few select areas and the rest is bonus!

I am going to try to do a weekly update on my progress and then share with you (who ever “you” are) my final results! So…here goes nothin’! Wish me luck!


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