Wedding Festivities

April 22, 2008

We just had the most wonderful few days. Dean and Jacqui and Lucy, along with Jacqui’s family all made their way out here to join us in the celebrations of their wedding. Most of the family all arrived at the start of the week to spend a couple days checking out the city. Luckily Mother Nature took pity and they had some nice sight seeing weather. Wednesday we headed over to Galiano Island, one of the beautiful Golf Islands just off the coast of Vancouver. Wednesday afternoon us girls spent at the Spa and enjoying the resort while the boys chased balls around the course. Then we all reunited at the Hummingbird Pub for a fun dinner. Thursday at the crack of dawn a few of us crawled out of bed to enjoy a few gorgeous hours on a chartered tour boat and saw the golf islands from a different perspective. It was breath taking. Back at the resort we had a leisurely breakfast and then all went our separate ways preparing for the afternoon of pic, ceremonies and celebrations. Jacqui was an absolutly beautiful bride and my brother the stunning gentleman we all know he is! Once again the weather was amazing and we were able to have the ceremonies outside in the brisk fresh air! 🙂 We came back to the mainland early Friday morning and my week got even better having Andy arrive Friday night for the rest of the weekend. We did lots of family bonding and a bit of sight seeing again at the mercy of our natural elements! I could not have asked for a better week! Click on the pic to check out my collection of memories from the past few days!


Tripping out on Tryptophan

October 13, 2007

Well it’s been an interesting week. Last Friday, Dean and Jacqui and Lucy arrived from Boston to spend Thanksgiving with us and then stay a few extra days. Somehow, the weather has held out pretty good gracing us with a fair bit of sun despite the cool fall air. We had a fantastic feast at Heather and Kyle’s Monday night, and all overdosed on Tryptophan. Tuesday started getting a little exciting when part way through the day my dog got sick at work. I managed to make it through the day with not too much chaos, but on my way home I ended up being right smack dab in the middle of a 4 car pile up due to rain and slippery roads. So I spent the rest of the evening nursing my whiplash sitting in the Animal Vet Hospital until 2am with my dog. Note: This is NOT a cool way to dispence of copious amounts of cash. I highly discourage it. Anyways, they say, “All’s well that ends well” and so by the next afternoon, the puppy was bouncing around, growling at her toys, chasing the cat and hoovering down food like nothing had been the problem a mere 12 hrs previously. As for my neck, well, it’s still in progress. The week’s luck could only go up from there, which it did. I had brunch once morning at my place so I could prove to my family I was at least a BIT domestic, and then spent Friday night out with all the siblings at a fantasitc little restaurant called Baru Latina, and then finished the night up with some one on one bonding with my cute sister-in-law to be! All in all, it was a fantastic week with way too much eating, much animal and infant entertainment and some good old fashioned family bonding!!! Check out the link to my pix to get the full Pernisie Family Week experience! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. (That is, if you’re Canadian) Here’s to Autumn, Family and Turkey hangovers!


Miss Mika

September 26, 2007

Well, it’s a done deal. I am an official minpin puppy owner!! Her name is Mika and she’s the love of my life!!! Who needs men right?!? *wink* It’s been an exciting few days with not much sleep, lots of laughs and the steepest learning curve of my life!! I wont bore you with the details of puppy life, but click on the pic below if you wanna see my new little bundle in full force!!


I was uploading my pix from the last weekend when Damon was up here, and as I was adding captions, I came across a priceless picture of my dad and brother in law, but I just could not, for the life of me, come up with an appropriate caption. (Those who know me well, know that my imagination leaves much to be desired) So I figured I’d put it out there to see if any of you could humor me and come up with a caption for this great pic!


I have the most adorable granny EVER! And anyone who’s met her heartily agrees, so I’m not even biased. (ok, maybe just a little…) Anyways, she is coming on 95 this July so needless to say, this woman has seen more than most of us could ever imagine seeing in a lifetime.  One of her coolest memories that I’ve heard (I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to hear this story) is that she sailed between Ireland and USA on the SS Duchess of Bedford. Twice!  My Grandmother was born in Brooklyn in 1912 but her family moved back to Ireland before she was a year old where she was raised until she was in her mid teens when they immigrated back here. Her first trip on the SS was in 1926 when she came over with her family to start a new life. Then she went back on it again to visit in ’32, in the heat of the depression. Check out how classic this old ship is! It was 600′ in length and carried just over 1500 passengers. Nothing too impressive if compared to the 890 foot, 2,200 passenger Titanic, but still. Would have been pretty amazing for a 14 year old on her first voyage away from the “homeland”. 

My how things have changed…