Dine Out Vancouver

February 3, 2008

“Dine Out” is this fantastic idea that happens every year in Vancouver. It’s where a whole pile of restaurants join in on creating a “prix fixe” menu with the choice of wine pairing. It’s ridiculously popular, so it’s virtually impossible to get into one of the nicer restaurants on weekends, but my good friend Magdalena somehow managed to get us into this place called “The Salt Tasting Place” Saturday evening for a little “girl’s night out”! But I think I figured why we were able to get in at prime time. Salt is located in Gastown (which for those of you who don’t know, is a more trendy/funky part of town with lots of cool restaurants, pubs, bars etc). The problem is, Gastown also borders on the well known Hastings Street (again, for those who don’t know Vancouver, Hastings is our drug central, which has also been voted the highest drug count in Canada) So, needless to say, not really the area a girl wants to be wandering around alone. Which is exactly what I was doing. But as if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant was not just in Gastown, bordering on Hastings, it was up an alley called Blood Alley! How appealing. I’ve learned, upon research, that it was names Blood Alley because it used to house butcher shops so they’d rinse out the alley at the end of the day, resulting in blood in the streets. Not to mention it was also where they held public executions! So…that gives you an idea of our venue’s location!! However!! That certainly didn’t take anything away from the super fun atmosphere of Salt. We had a 3 course dinner of a soup or salad appetizer, a cheese and charcuterie tasting platter entree, and dessert. It was awesome! As always, I’ve attached my pix!



Big White Getaway Weekend

January 27, 2008

I just spent one of the most enjoyable 4 days with the most random selection of people up at the Big White Ski Resort just outside of Kelowna, BC.  One of my Califor-ni-ay friends, Mr Forrest Jinks, planned a ski/board vacation with a few of his male associates and was kind enough to invite me and my Kelowna-native partner in crime, Amy Johnston, along. I’m debating what was more popular: ski/boarding or fuseball…or poker for that matter. But either way, it was a perfect timed get away with gorgeous sunny days on the hill, deep meaningless talks in the hottub, and 4am poker games (of course, not to mention continuous fuseball rivalrys which, I’m pretty sure, were more about the celebratory dancing then the actual game) to end off my crazy over booked month of January. It was such a raging success, we just might do it again next year! Check out the gong show pix thru the link below.


Update on Braden

September 22, 2007

I’ve had a number of people ask me how Braden’s doing, and then anonymous poster asked so I figured I’d update on here. So far it’s good news. The following is an email his parents sent out on Wednesday. That’s the last update I’ve had so far. From what I can tell, his life isn’t in as much danger, so that’s a load off his family, but his rehab will be long and trying, which will be a bigger load on him. But he’s a brave tough kid so he’ll keep fighting!! All’s well that ends well. 🙂

May I say how incredibly heart warming it has been to hear from you and know how much you care for our boy! Wow! I make a point of telling him every day of the calls, emails, messages etc. and he has a little smile and his eyebrows go up like he is surprised and pleased. Thanks sooooo much for your care!!!
They kept him in ICU today and maybe tomorrow, not because of critical care really, but he is a big workload for the nurses on the regular ward. They are planning to send him to Royal Jubilee in Victoria as they specialize in the areas he will need. He is struggling with a very sore back, which must have taken alot of impact, and of course his wrists and leg. Hard to get comfortable and can’t seem to sleep. Hard to watch him struggle with everything. The morphine has some unpleasent side effects, so they are trying to sort out something that works for pain. So, for now he just has to heal. His left leg had faciotomies on both sides, so those have to be left open in order to allow the swelling, so they are extremely painful for him. He is a tough kid though. Bearing with it all. He loves having one or two of us there to help him with simple things we take for granted like scratching his nose. It will all come with time though. I think he is looking at more than a few weeks in the hospital, but we’re not dwelling on that at the moment.
This is all for now. Take care, Dave, Jackie, Braden and family

Send your prayers…

September 17, 2007

It’s been weighing heavy on me the past couple days since I heard some bad news. One of the dear young guys from the Island was in a severe accident this past weekend. I dont know all the details, and I probably wouldnt spread them around on here anyways, but the gist of it was he was on his street bike and was involved in a hit and run. Yes, he was hit, the other guy (in a vehicle, of course), ran, and left Braden for dead. Luckily he was found, but in critical condition, in which, last I heard, he still remains. I don’t know the extent of the injuries but obviously they’re bad. So please, he desperatly needs your thoughts and prayers…as does the rest of his family.

This brings up another whole set of emotions for me. And I hope some of you dont take this personal, because really, I’m just venting, and that’s what blogs are for right? So really…what’s with hitting someone, and taking off? Has our society become so empty that one cannot take responsibility for his/her actions and own up to what they’ve done? (and you can’t tell me that you can hit someone on a bike and not notice) Instead, they get to go on with their life not knowing any different and one day might even forget about that awful day they ran over a young innocent man and changed his life forever. This is when I truly hope Karma steps in. No one deserves to be so cruel and get away with it. The other struggle I have is with street bikes in general. Why do these young guys continue to buy them and get their kicks on them when we continue to hear story after story of these horrible accidents. Almost every guy I know that’s owned a street bike (aka crotch rocket…i wonder why…) and has lived to tell the tale, looks back on it as one of the stupidest things they ever did and can’t believe they made it out alive. And yes, I understand you can be the most careful cautious driver but seriously! You are a fraction the size of an average car, and sometimes we dont even see a car coming, much less a bike. And you have zero protection around you. No matter how defensive of a driver you are, you will still get the short end of the stick in an accident! Women seem to get the bad rap for being “girly” and not wanting their guy to have a bike. Can you blame us?? Can you imagine how you would feel if you were Braden’s girl friend right now?? Again, sorry for the rant. And also, for the depressing blog…it’s just what’s on my mind today. 😦

I sincerely hope Braden comes thru this strong and healthy. But I also sincerely hope that those who know him and see him going thru this will honestly think twice the next time they want to go for a ride.

Be strong Braden, we’re all pulling for you.

Trivia Night

September 12, 2007

Chris Blair from Aussie-land introduced us to a big hit in Oz: Trivia. Ok, so it’s not a new concept for us, but how he does it is a little different. I wont go into details because for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty self explanatory. But we arranged an evening with some of the locals and he pulled out his little collection of trivia questions that he uses in his business back home, “down un-dah”. I believe it generally takes place in a more organized fashion but we got a little more carried away with the “Pink Panther” cries and the head/tail tapping and less taken up with the actual answers. Regardless, I’m sure for the average (fruit) fly on the wall it was very entertaining, and I think the general consensus was that we all learned at least one new tid bit of random, useless trivia. Mine for you is that apparently, when you blush, your stomach blushed with you! (huh?!) 🙂 So anyways, feel free to check out some of the evenings highlights, as well as just some of my random new camera experiments (there was the odd moment of boredom, i’ll admit) by clicking the pic of the host himself.


In memory…

September 11, 2007

9-11-flag.jpgOnce again this somber day has come around. The day history was changed and the world was never the same. The day the nation went into mourning and came together as one to support each other thru the devastation, the tragedy, the cruelty. Men were stunned, women cried, children huddled together. Authority figures were speechless, yet promised revenge. This day will not soon be forgotten. It has been recorded in history.

Let’s have a moment of silence in remembrance of the day my dear friend Damon Grant burst into the world.

Oh ya…and didn’t someone crash into the twin towers a few years ago??

Happy Birthday Damon.

Blogs ‘n Things…

September 5, 2007

So as per Mr Nutzgrant’s request, I was to record my 5 favorite blogs and 5 goals that I have never taken seriously so here’s my response to that:

5 Blogs:

(Do I even KNOW of 5 blogs???) …to be honest I don’t. I read a total of 2 blogs. And so, I will tell you of them.

1. Damon Grant aka Nutzgrant aka Damon’s Wacky Thoughts

This blog was in truth my introduction to the world of blogs. It comes in many forms…humor, history, controversy, music compositions and occasional updates on the odd exciting weekend or trip. It was the diversity of this blog that inspired me to try it on my own…however, comparing 10,000 hits to 50,000…you can see who has done a better job! *wink*

2. Mark Robinson aka Ball of Goof

I only met Mark a couple weeks ago and don’t really know him well enough to call him much more than an aquaintance, but got introduced to his blog. Some of you know him and will understand, those of you who don’t, all I’ll say is he went through probably the hardest experience in life anyone could possibly go through and it shows in his blogging. The emotion and passion coming from someone so young is incredibly inspiring.  My writing never gets that deep, but I admire those who do.

I really need to expand my blog reading don’t I….maybe I’ll add that to my “goals I’ve never taken seriously”… *wink*

on that note…

5 Goals I’ve Never Taken Seirously:

1. Travelling

I’ve always said that I dream of going to Greece and Turkey. I’m pretty sure that’s been on my do to list since I was in at least grade 10, and yet, I’m not a step closer to accomplishing it than I was back then. Well, I guess I am…I at least have a consistant income and a little more independance then when I was in school, but can’t say I’m really doing too much about that…

2. Buy a House

Perhaps a bit of an odd goal…but it is definatly something I think most people see themselves doing at some point or another. However, somehow I’m still pouring my money into the bottomless pit of rent.

3. Recording a CD

I do believe I have the talent…but the time, commitment and money…now THAT’S a different question.

4. Read more

One thing I have noticed since highschool is that I don’t read. And what’s worse…is that, the less I read, the harder reading is. I used to pride myself in how fast of a reader I was and now, it’s pretty painful how long it takes me to get through a book… So I just end up avoiding it even though there are so many books I keep hearing about that I would love to read….maybe there’s something to those book tapes…. lol

5. Grow Up

…do i really need to explain why i’ve never taken this seriously??? =)

So there you have it folks. Hope you enjoyed my deep and inspiring thoughts! *wink*

Easy Come Easy Go

July 30, 2007

Well summer is ticking along as it does. Although, I’m pretty sure Vancouver doesn’t really know what summer is.  We had our one token week of summer and then welcomed back a record setting week of rain. To get away from it all I’ve been making my monthly road trips up to Kelowna and getting my fill of vino and UVs…not necessarily in that order…!!  This past weekend was my darling Deena’s extended birthday celebrations.  We kicked the weekend off with a stunning dinner at Mission Hill Winery and finished the eve with refreshing bevvies on the one and only Earl’s patio, taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Kelowna. (and we all know how entertaining THAT can be…) Saturday was our dedicated beach day. These girls don’t mess around…we got there at 10:30 am and didn’t leave till 7pm. We did it all…swimming, volleyballing, even bumcheek burning… (dont ask!) Saturday night we took in the sounds of Parks Alive complimented by none other than Moo-Lix icecream. (ok, so I broke the trend and succumbed to my caffeine addiction, but the rest of ’em enjoyed their cold treats). Sunday was a day of resting and consuming…what better combination?! All in all, it was a much needed summer weekend getaway. Check out my pix by clicking on the photo below!


As most of you know, I’ve hardly been home for the past 2 weeks, having been in Kelowna for 4 days for my granny’s funeral, then to San Diego for Santee Convention.  It’s been great, at least the Santee part was, but seriously, the more you’re away, the more you appreciate home.  Not to mention your own bed. I was in Kelowna from Thursday until Monday.  My parents had to stay an extra day and drive my brother back to the states so my other granny drove home with me, meaning I had to stay at my parents with her till they got back. So I got one day in town (which yes, only means one day of work) and then took off to convention. I was there from Wed till Sunday. Of course, my flight got delayed so I didn’t get in till 2am but thankfully collapsed into my own bed for a total of 5 hrs. I then got to unpack, repack, and come back to stay with my granny again while my parents are gone on their cruise. Sigh. My poor roomie is convinced that I’ve moved out. But I suppose as long as my rent money keeps showing up, there’s not a whole lot for her to worry about.  Anyways, that all being said, I had a marvelous time in Santee. Saw lots of old faces, met many more new ones, and of course, got to spend some wonderful time with my man! =) Feel free to check out the pix from convention as well as a few more from when I was in Kelowna on my Picassa web album.

Seafood Boil

May 5, 2007

I was (actually, currently still am)in Kelowna this weekend for a few days.  It’s been a weekend of joy and sorrow as the main purpose of my trip was for my grandmother’s funeral, but I’ve been lucky to be able to fit in some great face time with my old friends from my hometown.  The highlight of my weekend was the pre-birthday dinner that I was spoiled with Friday night.  My best friend Mel and I share a birthday so we’ve tried to make it tradition to spend it together. We’re a few weeks early, but at least we were together! So this year, I got to have a seafood boil for my (our) birthday. For those of you who don’t know, that’s where you literally boil seafood (d-uh).  Actually, there’s so much more to it than that.  Jason was the chef for the evening of festivities, and he created his own spice concoction, which he put into boiling water.  After allowing it to simmer for a while, he started adding the “goods”. This included pieces of corn on the cob, sausage, baby new potatoes….and then the GOOD STUFF: lobster, crab and the most ginormous prawns I’ve ever seen.  Mel and I had the wonderful disturbing privilege of buying the lobster and crab, which as some of you will know, you have to buy live.  I seriously question how humane this is, and we both agreed it was a “blue” job, not a “pink” job, but in the end, it was sooooo tasty, I forgot how bad I felt for the poor little fellas.  When it’s all cooked, that’s when the real fun starts.  You cover the table in plastic, wear old shirts you don’t ever need to wear again and go at it.  Feel free to use scissors, mallets, teeth…whatever your weapon of choice may be, and prepare to get down right messy.  It was AMAZING!!!  I’ll attach a link to a few photos I took of the feast.  The quality is not great because I only have the ones from my phone for now, the others will be coming soon I hope, but these will at least give you an idea of how fun it was!!  Everyone needs to experience this at least once.  I believe this was my 3rd Seafood Boil, but certainly NOT my last!! Click the picture to check out a few pix from the fun eve!!