Trivia Night

September 12, 2007

Chris Blair from Aussie-land introduced us to a big hit in Oz: Trivia. Ok, so it’s not a new concept for us, but how he does it is a little different. I wont go into details because for all intents and purposes, it’s pretty self explanatory. But we arranged an evening with some of the locals and he pulled out his little collection of trivia questions that he uses in his business back home, “down un-dah”. I believe it generally takes place in a more organized fashion but we got a little more carried away with the “Pink Panther” cries and the head/tail tapping and less taken up with the actual answers. Regardless, I’m sure for the average (fruit) fly on the wall it was very entertaining, and I think the general consensus was that we all learned at least one new tid bit of random, useless trivia. Mine for you is that apparently, when you blush, your stomach blushed with you! (huh?!) 🙂 So anyways, feel free to check out some of the evenings highlights, as well as just some of my random new camera experiments (there was the odd moment of boredom, i’ll admit) by clicking the pic of the host himself.