Ahhhh…my beautiful country! Wish I could be there to celebrate, but here’s my little tribute on her big Day instead!

Happy Birthday, Canada. I miss you! ❤


As of today…

June 25, 2010

They must have heard my griping, because suddenly, things are starting to move! They now have the walls all textured and primed just WAITING to be painted. If we get all our ducks (and pocket books) lined up today, that can begin tomorrow! The siding is 3/4 done now and should be completed today. Apparently the decks will be started next week (as long as the siding gets finished today) and the rest of the rocks for the retaining wall and dirt work is scheduled to happen the 2nd week of July. The rest of the interior finishing will happen once the decks and the painting is done. Not much visual change that would do pictures any justice, but I will post some new ones as soon as there is something to see! It’s getting close….!!! 😀

Home sweet Home

May 19, 2010

I finally have something to blog about worth reading! It’s been a pretty low key winter/spring, but now I have news! 🙂

Andy and I are officially home owners! We sold our condo in January, and resorted to renting for a while, having a hard time finding anything that suited us. We had our eye on this place even at that point, but the process seemed to be so long and drawn out, we tried to keep our options open. At any rate, here’s the deal: This house is being built with the construction class of the local high school assisting in the process. It will be a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom (albeit small – Andy calls it “the double-wide”) 2 story house in our favorite part of town, called Twin Lakes. The lot is very small, but we are a hop, skip and jump away from a park with a long cement promenade along the “lakes”. The coolest part of this place is they have gone to the extreme in making it 5 star (the highest) Energy Rated to the extent that the insulation is 1.5 times the requirement. It is super close to both our works, but still a bit out of town so we can get away from downtown. We never thought we’d be fortunate enough to not only live in our favorite neighborhood, but also to get a brand new house out of it. I’ve attached a link to some pics, but they’re a bit old. Currently, they have all the plumbing and wiring in, and the drywall should be going up this week. I will attach more pix when I can get some. Now, all we need are some visitors to come stay with us!!! Any takers?!?! 🙂

Greenwood Ave pictures

You can also check out the blog they’ve been keeping about the house.

New Blog, New Theme, New Life

February 24, 2009

So, a little change of scenery on here for you all! I fell drastically off the blogging bandwagon sometime last year and of course lost all my avid fans. (All 3 of you…) 😉 However, since starting my new life way up north, I’ve had many intrigued friends curious about what it’s REALLY like in Alaska. Have we bought our slew of sled dogs, is it warm enough in our igloo…you know how it goes! Well my friends, I hate to disappoint, but none of the standard stereotypes hold true. I have moved to one of the most beautiful places on the earth, I am sure of it. And yes, we get winters, we get snow, we get cold…but hey! so does Kelowna, and so far, nothing beats that place! But, when the clouds clear, the sun shines and I lie in bed looking out the window, I see the greatest snow peaked mountain at my doorstep and a bald eagle flying by and coming to rest in the tree just outside. Life could not be more breath taking.

And so, this is now the new theme of my blog. I will, to the best of my abilities, walk you through my new found life in one of the most beautiful, yet best kept secrets of the world.

Welcome to Juneau, Alaska!


I wonder where the flowers iz….

Ah yes, there is definatly spring in the air. I’m a summer girl all ’round, but I can’t lie, I love the feeling of spring starting to take over winter. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, cuz it could just be mother nature having her fun, but that past 3 days have been absolutly unbelieveable!! Gorgeous and sunny and warm as all get out!!! I spent the first day of sun up at Whistler on Saturday. What a sight to be seen. The whole valley was socked in with fog and so we were skiing in the full on sunlight, looking down on a lake of fog making fresh tracks. What more could you ask for?! It was unreal. (pix will be posted soon)

Sunday was family lunch at the van Deusen gardens and then the afternoon at the beach with my sister and our pooches. I’m sure the entire city came out of hibernation and migrated down to the beach. It was literally shoulder to shoulder walking along the sea wall. Vancouverites are so happy when the sun comes out…you’d think it rained alot or something… 😉

This morning I got all ambitious and took my hound for an early morning beach run…well, let me rephrase that…she ran, I watched! It was so beautiful.. the sun was just up, only a few early morning keeners out either for their morning jog or their morning Starbucks. We were so early that we were the first ones to the dog beach even!! So I spent the next hour basking in the sunlight watching the city come to life. Wow…that was sappy…. lol Anyways, below are a couple pix of how gorgeous and serene it was at dawn’s crack this morning! THIS is why I live in Vancouver…



Whistler, BC

November 6, 2007

It has literally been YEARS since I visited the, apparently world renowned mountain known as Whistler. In fact I believe the last time I was up there was while I was still in high school, and we all know how long ago THAT was!! lol Anyways, last weekend I made a little trek up there with a friend of mine to see what the fuss was all about. And WOW! It was fantastic. Now I wonder how it is that I’ve lived only 2 hrs away for 2 years and never been up there. We hiked around this little lake called Lost Lake which was so beautiful and peaceful, and we both agreed it will be on the to do list in the summer for swimming and such. Perfect location!! Can’t wait to check it out now in the winter for skiing!!! Check out the pics thru the link below.


Where in the world…

May 30, 2007

I know I tend to be a little biased in my ways, but I’ve always bragged about Canada being the best country to live in, BC being the best province and a tough tie between Kelowna and Vancouver being the best city. But now, I finally don’t need to sound biased because it was officially stated: Vancouver is the best city IN THE WORLD to live in. If you don’t believe me, check out this site. Now I can unbashedly brag about how amazing it is here.

 …did I mention I love Vancouver?!? *wink*

Beautiful BC

May 23, 2007

This is why I love BC. BC? Ok, more like Vancouver….there are definatly parts of BC that, I’m sure, aren’t beautiful. Although, I certainly don’t know of any! *L* It was an amazingly warm and sunny evening last night so my roomie and I went for a little walk down to the ocean. Kits beach is sort of the bane of my existance. It is one of the most beautiful places I know, and yet, sometimes the people down there just IRK me! It’s the part of Vancouver where all the professional singles live. It’s too expensive for students and the sort to live, but even the working professionals have to rent because the homes are all up over a million dollars. However, you’d think by the way they all look and act that they owned 2 houses each with their spik and span Hummers, pure bred labradors and full LuLu Lemon attire. It’s one of the most pretentious areas I’ve ever seen or lived in. (Next to possibly San Diego…*wink*) jk But yes, I live here too. So I guess I get grouped into that whole demographic. Anyways…I digress. The biggest reason I live down here is because I live for water. Being a mere few blocks away from the ocean gives me more pleasure than I can imagine. To walk down there, sit on the edge of the ocean with my large non fat extra hot double shot latte *wink* and watch the sun set, the beach volleyball players, the dogs playing fetch…I could do it for hours! I took a couple pics to try to capture the moment last night, although, once again, my camera ph doesn’t have the best resolution, but it’ll give you an idea.




Did I mention I love Vancouver….??