Rock Hard

April 27, 2008

This has got to be the craziest work out I have ever seen. You’ll get the gist of it in the first few mins but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least fast forward to the last minute and a half and check out the determination of the chick in the white. These women are ANIMALS! I’m pretty sure this makes me a couch potato! LOL


This is scary…

January 16, 2008

You have got to check out this video. It’s long, but it’s worth it. Scientologist, Tom Cruise defines Scientology and outlines the responsibilities of other Scientologists. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not judge him for being so committed to his religion. I appreciate faith and commitment, being a Christian myself, and also respect the freedom to choose which path suits you best. But when someone starts making statements like, “We are the way to happiness”, “We can bring peace and unite cultures”, not to mention, “When you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help.” , my hackles go up.

Watch this video and see what you think…

Tastes Like Chicken

August 24, 2007

Why is it everything tastes like chicken?? You never taste anything and say, “Wow, this tastes just like steak!” Unless of IS steak. And so on…  Everything has some unique quality, like, it’s a little chewier, or it’s a little stronger, but ultimately, the final decision is it compares mostly to chicken. And yet…what does chicken taste like?? Have you ever noticed that chicken ends up tasting like whatever else it’s put with? You can litterally put chicken in any dish, any sauce…and it’ll just end up taking on that flavor which was completely different than how it started off. (however, i suppose i wouldn’t recommend putting it in your cereal in the morning…as a wise man once said, there’s an exception to everything)  But really, chicken is just a big cop out. It is the Mr. Nobody or Mr Men, it’s the *gasp* tofu of protein!! Seriously folks…in a world where we strive so much for independence and individuality, why is it we consume such large quantities of such an indescript food?

And now pardon me while I go eat my aligator sandwich…or is it just a chewy chicken sandwich….how would i ever know???

So, not to razz on Americans…but ok, I’m going to. Now don’t get all up in arms. I know us Canadian have our fair share of idiosyncrasies, but there’s just been a couple things in the past day or so that have humored me. This first one, some of you might have already seen. A funny little joke on Mr. G. dubya…. check it out:


Ok, so I found that pretty funny. Maybe I’m a bit pathetic! lol Anyways, so last night I was on the phone booking a flight with Southwest airlines, so of course, I’m dealing with reps located all through out the states. It was 11pm here, so at least that late depending on who I got on the phone. So the first guy actually wasn’t half bad. I even had some fun with him on the phone while he booked my flight laughing about how there’s at least three different exits that all say “Seatac Airport” on them so just about the time you think you should turn off, the next sign directs you to a different exit. I’ve driven that road enough to not really notice it anymore, but I thought it was impressive that he knew, considering he was taking my call from Pheonix. But I had to call back later again and didn’t get my Pheonician friend, but rather a nice lady from Texas…yes, accent and all.  It was all going fine until she started taking down my address. I had already told her I was from Canada so after we got the city figured out she asked me,: “And what Providence is that in, ma’am?”  Ummm…pardon?? PROVIDENCE?? Ya, ya, I get it. Texas is a looooong way from Canada. But seriously…is it that foreign to know that you have states and we have PROVINCES?!?! I think she must have been from Boston some time before….


July 12, 2007

I am a terrible golfer. I’m the first to admit it. I tend to just stick to driving ranges because the need to hit perfectly straight is not nearly as important as on a golf course. I usually spend more of my time searching the bushed for my ball then I do on the fairways. But hey! at least I can have fun. There are few time that I laugh harder then at myself with all the lame shots, curve balls, and yes, even swing-and-misses. Those are the best. Why is it, that when you swing at something and miss it, it hurts like a bugger?! I especially notice that in volleyball. I don’t swing any harder (usually) and if I happen to get my timing wrong, I pretty near throw my shoulder right out. The same this goes for me in golf…besides the fact I almost hit myself in the back of the head with my driver! Yes, my form is less than perfect! lol  Anyways, I found this hilarious clip the other day of two guys driving balls off a dock. Check it out…cracks me up how innocent it seemed at first, and yet what morons they are! =) (oops I couldn’t import it…i’m a bit of a blog novice still…)

Battle at Kruger

July 7, 2007

Note to all: this is not for the faint of heart!

Lots of people have already seen this I’m sure. I heard about it long ago, but never got around to watching it until today. (Can you tell I have too much time on my hands…) *L* This is truly an amazing depiction of our animal kingdom and the pecking order. Watch as a whole herd of water buffalo take on a pack of lions to save their own. It’s unreal!!

Hehe…how’s that for a catchy title.  Google addicts: Eat your hearts out!


There is some truth to the title… *gasp* And yes, the convicted is, yours truly. See, we had this little problem about a month ago. (emphasis on the “little”) We discovered we had a small rodent who had set up shop in our office and was taking daily showers in our massage oil; Or so it would have seemed by the looks of his coat. I can’t lie, he really was a cute little bugger, but goodness knows it’s not great publicity to be housing Mickey’s distant cousin. It was amusing, in an awkward way, as the little guy would run into my room from between the base boards, I’d casually stamp my foot (so as not to make it TOO obvious to my patient), he’d do a little jump, a 180 and take off under the base boards again. In a minute or so I’d hear my co worker in the next room shriek, start clapping and jumping around and I knew that was my cue to keep an eye out for the little dude to run back into my room and we’d start all over again. As humerous as this was for the first…oh, five minutes, I knew I couldn’t fool ALL my patients into thinking I just developped a foot twitch that would of course only last the day. The best part was, when I left the room to let my patient get dressed, as she had her back turned the crazy little rodent had come back under the base boards and climbed up the cord of my heating pad and up onto the ledge by my window. Little did he know, he had just climbed to his death. Now, I’m not scared off mice as some girls are. When one comes into the room, I don’t jump up on a chair and start squealing. However, I can’t lie, I really don’t have any desire to reside too close to one either. So when I came back into my room and saw the little dude sitting on the window ledge instinct took over. (Or at least that’s what I like to call it…) And the rest is all a blur…all I remember as the adrenaline kicked in is seeing four little feet bottoms up, a long tail flailing in the wind and the distinct cry resonating thru the streets:


Ok, so I made that last bit up! But yes, sigh, I am known as the local rodent killer. Actually the funniest part was, as he was taking his plunge I peered over the edge of the sill just in time to see him land “kersplat” not three feet infront of a young couple walking down the ally way. I’ve heard of it raining cats and dogs…but mice???

And why part I you ask? Stay tuned for “Murder on Cambie Street: Part II”

A Smokin’ Good Time

May 18, 2007

I was sitting at my most favoritist cafe this morning drinking my coffee in the sun and enjoying the newspaper when I spied an advertisement that absolutly FLOORED me. I honestly had to read it about 3 times over, unconvinced that what I was seeing was really published in our local newspaper. Check it out…


So yes, as I’m sure you’ve figured, those ARE pot plants, and it IS advertising a “Mary-Jane Party”! The best part, is the small print that you probably can’t read. (Pardon the poor graphics on my camera ph) It says: “Speed Joint Rolling, Biggest Bong Hit & More”. SERIOUSLY!!!! I’m pretty sure only in Vancouver (and maybe also San Francisco) would you be allowed to post a Marijuana party. Last I checked, pot was illegal. So how is it, our paper will publish such an ad? Well, it’s not really your standard paper. It was the Georgia Straight, which, for you non locals is more a local advertising paper for restaurants, concerts, events….and yes, Pot Parties!

Who’da thunk?

You’ve been poked by…

You know how they say it’s the MSG in junk food that just makes it impossible to stay away from it and stop eating it? I wonder what additive is in Facebook that makes it just so darn irresistable. And for those scoffing at me, I KNOW I’m not the only one who has this problem.  But, be what it is, there are clearly some moral issues that come with it.  Now, I know this is nothing new with these online networking and profiling site, but a good friend of mine sent me this link today and it’s kinda creepy.  I always take this stuff with a grain of salt, and also, I’m not dumb enough to put real personal information online, but still makes you wonder…is Big Brother REALLY watching??  Check out this link and see how you feel about Facebook afterwords! (and any other site you partake in for that matter) oh, and make sure you have sound.

So, just to warn you all, this blog is going to be a stream of consciousness, so be aware! I don’t really know where I’m going with my thought process tonight, but I seem to have alot on the brain and so I thought I’d see where it got me… 

I had a wonderful chat with my sister in law tonight.  She’s not REALLY my sister in law, but for lack of a better term…and I feel like she is, so, she is! Anyways, I find her and I really have the same out looks in life, and so I love our chats.  We got talking about where life takes us. (to paraphrase) And the million doller question came up…do we just sit back and leave life to fate, or do we deal with it here and now.  Now, I’ve become a strong believer in fate and karma over the years.  Many are skeptical about these points of views, but I feel they’re purely up to the individual, and not a matter of being right or wrong.  But so often you come to a cross roads in life.  Fate would say, let it play out. What’s meant to be will be.  But rationale and practicality says you need to assess the situation and make decisions accordingly.  Hence even having the privilege, much less ability to make choices.  I am one of those people though, that becomes completely overwhelmed and disillusioned when faced with a large or life altering decision.  I will generally run away, ignore it, resist it. Whatever needs to be done to just plain avoid making it.  Inevitably, however, the decision needs to be made.  As I look back on life on some of those times, I wonder what it was in the end that made my decision for me.  Probably the biggest decision I’ve made was to leave Kelowna which meant leaving my foundation of friends, my practice, my hometown, to come to a city where I pretty much knew no one except my family, had to start my practice again from scratch, and live in a major metropolis of a city. For a small town girl, this was a big thing.  What made the decision for me, I believe, was the day I saw the job I currently hold advertised, which was during a week where business was so slow buying groceries was potentially going to be an issue.  So was that fate? Did fate show me the light at the end of the tunnel? Or was it practicality that urged me to even begin browsing for jobs elsewhere?  All I know is that for the first 6 months that I lived here, I was completely and utterly convinced that I made the worst mistake of my life.  But now, looking over the past 12 months, I’ve lived a life being a person I never knew I could be.  Truely, time solves everything. The problem is, I feel like I’m on the brink of yet another one of those life changing events.  And the urge to run is there.  I don’t want to face it. But I need to. So…what do I do?

Fate or Rationale.

Maybe time will tell…..