I have the most adorable granny EVER! And anyone who’s met her heartily agrees, so I’m not even biased. (ok, maybe just a little…) Anyways, she is coming on 95 this July so needless to say, this woman has seen more than most of us could ever imagine seeing in a lifetime.  One of her coolest memories that I’ve heard (I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to hear this story) is that she sailed between Ireland and USA on the SS Duchess of Bedford. Twice!  My Grandmother was born in Brooklyn in 1912 but her family moved back to Ireland before she was a year old where she was raised until she was in her mid teens when they immigrated back here. Her first trip on the SS was in 1926 when she came over with her family to start a new life. Then she went back on it again to visit in ’32, in the heat of the depression. Check out how classic this old ship is! It was 600′ in length and carried just over 1500 passengers. Nothing too impressive if compared to the 890 foot, 2,200 passenger Titanic, but still. Would have been pretty amazing for a 14 year old on her first voyage away from the “homeland”. 

My how things have changed…


So, just to warn you all, this blog is going to be a stream of consciousness, so be aware! I don’t really know where I’m going with my thought process tonight, but I seem to have alot on the brain and so I thought I’d see where it got me… 

I had a wonderful chat with my sister in law tonight.  She’s not REALLY my sister in law, but for lack of a better term…and I feel like she is, so, she is! Anyways, I find her and I really have the same out looks in life, and so I love our chats.  We got talking about where life takes us. (to paraphrase) And the million doller question came up…do we just sit back and leave life to fate, or do we deal with it here and now.  Now, I’ve become a strong believer in fate and karma over the years.  Many are skeptical about these points of views, but I feel they’re purely up to the individual, and not a matter of being right or wrong.  But so often you come to a cross roads in life.  Fate would say, let it play out. What’s meant to be will be.  But rationale and practicality says you need to assess the situation and make decisions accordingly.  Hence even having the privilege, much less ability to make choices.  I am one of those people though, that becomes completely overwhelmed and disillusioned when faced with a large or life altering decision.  I will generally run away, ignore it, resist it. Whatever needs to be done to just plain avoid making it.  Inevitably, however, the decision needs to be made.  As I look back on life on some of those times, I wonder what it was in the end that made my decision for me.  Probably the biggest decision I’ve made was to leave Kelowna which meant leaving my foundation of friends, my practice, my hometown, to come to a city where I pretty much knew no one except my family, had to start my practice again from scratch, and live in a major metropolis of a city. For a small town girl, this was a big thing.  What made the decision for me, I believe, was the day I saw the job I currently hold advertised, which was during a week where business was so slow buying groceries was potentially going to be an issue.  So was that fate? Did fate show me the light at the end of the tunnel? Or was it practicality that urged me to even begin browsing for jobs elsewhere?  All I know is that for the first 6 months that I lived here, I was completely and utterly convinced that I made the worst mistake of my life.  But now, looking over the past 12 months, I’ve lived a life being a person I never knew I could be.  Truely, time solves everything. The problem is, I feel like I’m on the brink of yet another one of those life changing events.  And the urge to run is there.  I don’t want to face it. But I need to. So…what do I do?

Fate or Rationale.

Maybe time will tell…..

A couple posts ago, Damon made some comment in his blog about his shampoo graveyard in his shower.  It reminded me of a graveyard I have come to own over the past decade. (I feel old by being able to refer to the past “decade” of my life…) I, my friends, am the proud owner of a cell phone graveyard.  Now, a little background on myself… I find I’m the kind of person that gets bored easily…especially with my technology.  If it doesn’t challenge me anymore, there must be something better to move on to that’s more exciting and more challenging!!  So it all started off, oh probably MORE than a decade ago when my parents got their first cell phone.  We were AMAZED by the advancement of our world of technology.  Yes folks…we had the grand “car phone, cell phone“, the “bigger than your head” cell phone….we thought we were pretty special!!  Little did we know what was to come.  Then, when was old enough, and mature enough (at least by self-diagnosis) I got my very OWN cell phone.  The good old original Nokia.  NOW I was important, cuz I had a cell phone.  Larger than life, in retrospect, wouldn’t fit in a pocket, hardly in a purse…they actually made purses with holders cuz the cell phones took up too much space other wise.  Then I started getting bored…  Time to move on.  So sticking with the Nokia trend, I moved up in life…I was lusting after everyone’s progressively smaller phones so I bought the smallest one I could find.  It was great…it was so small, I would now LOSE it in my purse, so it took up permenant residence in my pocket without creating that embarassing bulge most old phones did.  So now I was cool…I had the teeny-tiny, lose it in your ear, no antenna cell phone. (sorry…this phone was SUCH a hit, i couldnt even find a pic of it) lol  I was set.  For a year.  Then I got bored.  The truth is, Rogers Wireless is not my friend.  I spend waaaaay too much money with them so as a “valued customer” they would send me offers for free phones.  So I took the bait.  But I decided it was time to get away from Nokia…I felt like I was getting stuck in the dark ages.  So many other manufacturers has much funner (word??) fones. (i love “fonetics”)  So I moved on to Samsung…now THAT was moving up in life.  I got my very first Samsung flip phone.  Now this phone was fun for a bit, but the things it lacked I realized were the THING to have.  You MUST have a camera phone, and it MUST have a front display.  Who wants to have your phone ring and have to open it just to see who’s calling.  Sheesh.  The time you waste!!  So yet again, a mere year and a half later, I moved up even higher. I now had the Samsung Camera Flip Front LCD Color Display Phone. (say that 10 times fast..then backwards…) lol  I had become a picture taking, texting sending maniac!  It was a blast!  But about 9 months into my entertainment, I was yet again enticed.  This time, not by my wireless company, but by some “other” company I was keeping.  This individual had, what was in my mind, the next step of technology…not only was it a black berry, it was a BlackBerry Pearl!!!  WOOOWWW!!!  It could do so many things….camera (that actually had a flash and took good pics), email, blackberry messenger, full address contacts, fun color screen, multimedia perks…and the list goes one.  I was SOLD!!!  But the problem was, I wasn’t due for an upgrade for another 3 months.  How in the WORLD was I gonna put up with my old piece of junk camera flip phone for another 3 MONTHS?!?!?  Well, I did. It was painful, but I got thru.  And now, yes folks, I am the proud owner of the new BlackBerry Pearl!  And the other phones are happily laid to rest.

Anyone putting bets on how long the Pearl lasts….???