So, not to razz on Americans…but ok, I’m going to. Now don’t get all up in arms. I know us Canadian have our fair share of idiosyncrasies, but there’s just been a couple things in the past day or so that have humored me. This first one, some of you might have already seen. A funny little joke on Mr. G. dubya…. check it out:


Ok, so I found that pretty funny. Maybe I’m a bit pathetic! lol Anyways, so last night I was on the phone booking a flight with Southwest airlines, so of course, I’m dealing with reps located all through out the states. It was 11pm here, so at least that late depending on who I got on the phone. So the first guy actually wasn’t half bad. I even had some fun with him on the phone while he booked my flight laughing about how there’s at least three different exits that all say “Seatac Airport” on them so just about the time you think you should turn off, the next sign directs you to a different exit. I’ve driven that road enough to not really notice it anymore, but I thought it was impressive that he knew, considering he was taking my call from Pheonix. But I had to call back later again and didn’t get my Pheonician friend, but rather a nice lady from Texas…yes, accent and all.  It was all going fine until she started taking down my address. I had already told her I was from Canada so after we got the city figured out she asked me,: “And what Providence is that in, ma’am?”  Ummm…pardon?? PROVIDENCE?? Ya, ya, I get it. Texas is a looooong way from Canada. But seriously…is it that foreign to know that you have states and we have PROVINCES?!?! I think she must have been from Boston some time before….


The Naked Truth

June 7, 2007

Ok, so, I understand some people are VERY comfortable with their nakedness, and I’m cool with that. But honestly, do we ALL have to be comfortable with YOUR nakedness too??

There’s this “trend” going on these days (and I use that term VERY loosely) with the naked bike riders around Vancouver. I’m aware this isn’t necessarily new, but just first heard it on the news not too long ago sort of blew it off but clearly it’s not even close to being a fading trend.  I was having a beautiful relaxing breakfast this morning with my mom down in Yaletown at Provence. It’s this gorgeous little cafe resturant right on the harbour. Couldn’t have been a more serene picture this morning as the rain was lighty drizzling outside and we were sipping our hot coffees inside. And then they arrived. The infamous Naked Bike Riders. Apparently, according to “Wiki” the first naked bike ride in Vancouver happened in the winter of 2002. Of course, this is one of those freedom rights things where “we should be proud of our nakedness”, “our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of”, “be proud of who you are” and so on. And you know what, I appreciate that for what it is. But honestly! I really have no desire to see a bunch of naked dudes and chicks riding around in the pouring rain as I’m trying to enjoy my coffee and the scenery…which, I might add, does NOT include breasts and penises, pardon my blatentness. This is right up there with gay rights activists. I have absolutly nothing against homosexuals. It’s a personal choice, that’s the beauty of the country we live in. But don’t force it down my throat. I don’t advertise being heterosexual, it’s just the way I am. Anyways, I digress.  So we had the privilege of these lovely “free living” folk bike by our window at breakfast this morning. Now, it’s not so much that they just biked by, but they continued to circle around the round about for the next half an hour, letting it ALL hang out. Hardly appetizing. Now I don’t want it to sound like I’m prejudice because I’m all for being who are and not letting anyone convince you otherwise. But do it with tact and with respect for those around. Take for example smokers. I don’t condone smoking, but I don’t judge people who smoke. Just try to respect those you’re around. Don’t blow smoke in the faces of people walking by, don’t smoke in enclosed areas, etc. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. I feel the same about these lovely nakes riders. If you’re comfortable with your body, great! I think that’s amazing…there’s far too many people who are overly self conscience about themselves. But you can be proud of who you are, naked, and not have to make us look at you to advertise it. Anyways, on the light hearted side of things, when they were done riding circles for attention the proceeded to dismount and return their bikes to the bike rental  place across the street!!! Note to self: don’t rent bikes from the rental store on Marinside in Yaletown!

I’m curious, after my big rant letting you all know how I feel, what are your opinions on these matters?

Why do they bother…

April 24, 2007

Ok, so, i came across another one of my major pet peeves today. Have a look at this picture…


It’s the little tab on the side of the box that gets me.  It says “push in, then pull back”. So in theory, this is a great idea.  A nice little punch out that you can then pour the KD out of into the pot of boiling water.  The MAJOR issue here is that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot for the life of you push in that tab.  Unless you’re willing to demolish the box in the mean time of course, in which case, you might as well just go at it with a bread knife.  The perforations around the supposed “punch out tab” are a joke!!! You end up having to get a knife and just cut yourself a hole, and then you realize you have to open the entire box anyways just to get the package of cheese out.  So, why don’t they just not put a tab at all, and I’m sure the general public is smart enought to figure out how to open the top flaps without directions.  It’s a waste of energy as far as I can tell!!