Funny stuff

June 21, 2010

Not really anything new to report on the house – seems they don’t have a ton of motivation to move quickly, so they’re just sort of ticking along. In the mean time, I thought I might share some funny photos from this weekend. It was an unusually warm sunny weekend, and I was lucky enough to have my hubby take most of it off work, so we mostly hung out outside, poked around town and just plain old vegged! (Apparently there are no Kings to be found, or we would have been out fishing…)

Leaving Auk Rec, a gorgeous public beach we saw this funny little squirrel come bounding across the road and then drop half his load. Clearly, he had too much to begin with, but he managed, 10 mins later, to get everything back in his MOUTH! And off he went!

Then, from there, we went by the new house to dream, and between trying to smoke old cigarettes and eat rocks, the Yorkie got a little covered in dust and plaster:

Ahhh…simple minds, simple pleasures! ūüôā

‘Till next time…!


Wedding Festivities

April 22, 2008

We just had the most wonderful few days. Dean and Jacqui and Lucy, along with Jacqui’s family all made their way out here to join us in the celebrations of their wedding. Most of the family all arrived at the start of the week to spend a couple days checking out the city. Luckily Mother Nature took pity and they had some nice sight seeing weather. Wednesday we headed over to Galiano Island, one of the beautiful Golf Islands just off the coast of Vancouver. Wednesday afternoon us girls spent at the Spa and enjoying the resort while the boys chased balls around the course. Then we all reunited at the Hummingbird Pub for a fun dinner. Thursday at the crack of dawn a few of us crawled out of bed to enjoy a few gorgeous hours on a chartered tour boat and saw the golf islands from a different perspective. It was breath taking. Back at the resort we had a leisurely breakfast and then all went our separate ways preparing for the afternoon of pic, ceremonies and celebrations. Jacqui was an absolutly beautiful bride and my brother the stunning gentleman we all know he is! Once again the weather was amazing and we were able to have the ceremonies outside in the brisk fresh air! ūüôā We came back to the mainland early Friday morning and my week got even better having Andy arrive Friday night for the rest of the weekend. We did lots of family bonding and a bit of sight seeing again at the mercy of our natural elements! I could not have asked for a better week! Click on the pic to check out my collection of memories from the past few days!

So by popular demand, here is the update on my trip to Juneau.¬†A week ago¬†Thursday (wow is it already that long ago??)¬†I woke up at some gosh awful hour of the morning to make it across the border to Seattle and cajuneau-023.jpgtch a flight up to Juneau, Alaska. The flight was quick and painless (not sure why I expected it to be anything more) and I was there in a mere 2.5hrs with Mika the minpin in tow. Thursday was the only day of sun so I at least got to see some of the more appealing parts of Juneau in its “grandeur”. I can’t lie…Alaska is as¬†gorgeous as everyone assumes. I was stunned by the breath taking scenery. Friday was an interesting experience…we went out on the boat and pulled up shrimp pots. Ok, check that, I can’t say I personally had anything to do with pulling them up…all credit goes to the mountain and his side kick, Owen. But I WILL take credit for gettin down and dirty while popping heads off the shrimp. Who’da thunk this little princess of a city girl would be poppin shrimp heads! Andy promised the “full Alaska experience”…clearly he wasn’t about to let me down.¬†LOL Friday night we met with a few of Andy’s friends for some eats and drinks…the main reason for the “rendez-vous”¬†was originally to watch the Wild vs Canucks game. I even came prepared with my Canucks paraphernalia (hmmm…interesting choice of term), all dressed for the occasion. Lucky for Andy’s friends, the game wasn’t on Dish or I have a feeling it could have gotten a bit messy…¬† Saturday was a day (or at least a portion thereof) at the local ski hill, Eaglecrest. I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough bragging about the hill but just one last time for good measure…THAT HILL IS REDICULOUS!!! And I honestly mean that in the BEST way…anywhere from thigh to waist deep powder on a hill that looks like it MIGHT be the size of Cypress mountain, here in Vancouver. (All you locals know what I’m saying) Now most of you are saying “ya no kidding Cor, it’s kidding there’s a ton of snow”. But the crazy part was, there was no snow right in Juneau and the ski hill is a mere 15-20 min drive away…not like you’re trekking miles up a mountain. Saturday night Andy spoiled me with a home grilled salmon dinner, complemented with the sauteed shrimp we brought in the day before. Seafood doesn’t get much more fresh than that! Sunday was a great day…meeting in the morning and a fabulous home cooked Easter dinner in the company of the cutest old couple I’ve ever met. The rest of the weekend was awesome with lots of chilling out, walking dogs and good old fashioned bonding. I had the most generous host you could imagine and I cannot wait for round 2! For those of you who seem to be a little behind the ball (not mentioning any names coughkingcoughkook), click on the pix and it’ll take you to my album with the rest of them!

I wonder where the flowers iz….

Ah yes, there is definatly spring in the air. I’m a summer girl all ’round, but I can’t lie, I love the feeling of spring starting to take over winter. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, cuz it could just be mother nature having her fun, but that past 3 days have been absolutly unbelieveable!! Gorgeous and sunny and warm as all get out!!! I spent the first day of sun up at Whistler on Saturday. What a sight to be seen. The whole valley was socked in with fog and so we were skiing in the full on sunlight, looking down on a lake of fog making fresh tracks. What more could you ask for?!¬†It was unreal. (pix will be posted soon)

Sunday was family lunch at the van Deusen gardens and then the afternoon at the beach with my sister and our pooches. I’m sure the entire city came out of hibernation and migrated down to the beach. It was literally shoulder to shoulder walking along the sea wall. Vancouverites are so happy when the sun comes out…you’d think it rained alot or something… ūüėČ

This morning I got all ambitious and took my hound for an early morning beach run…well, let me rephrase that…she ran,¬†I watched! It was so beautiful.. the sun was just up, only a few early morning keeners out either for their morning jog or their morning Starbucks. We were so early that we were the first ones to the dog beach even!! So I spent the next hour basking in the sunlight watching the city come to life. Wow…that was sappy…. lol Anyways, below are a couple pix of how gorgeous and serene it was at dawn’s crack this morning! THIS is why I live in Vancouver…



Dine Out Vancouver

February 3, 2008

“Dine Out” is this fantastic idea that happens every year in Vancouver. It’s where a whole pile of restaurants¬†join in on creating a “prix fixe” menu with the choice of wine pairing. It’s ridiculously popular, so it’s virtually impossible to get into one of the nicer restaurants on weekends, but my good friend Magdalena somehow managed to get us into this place called “The Salt Tasting Place” Saturday evening for a little “girl’s night out”! But I think I figured why we were able to get in at prime time. Salt is located in Gastown (which for those of you who don’t know, is a more trendy/funky part of town with lots of cool restaurants, pubs, bars etc). The problem is, Gastown also borders on the well known Hastings Street (again, for those who don’t know Vancouver, Hastings is our drug central, which has also been voted the highest drug count in Canada) So, needless to say, not really the area a girl wants to be wandering around alone. Which is exactly what I was doing. But as if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant was not just in Gastown, bordering on Hastings, it was up an alley called Blood Alley! How appealing. I’ve learned, upon research, that it was names Blood Alley because it used to house butcher shops so they’d rinse out the alley at the end of the day, resulting in blood in the streets. Not to mention it was also where they held public executions! So…that gives you an idea of our venue’s location!!¬†However!! That certainly didn’t take anything away from the super fun atmosphere of Salt.¬†We had¬†a 3 course dinner of a soup or salad appetizer, a cheese and charcuterie tasting platter entree, and dessert. It was awesome! As always, I’ve attached my pix!


Big White Getaway Weekend

January 27, 2008

I just spent one of the most enjoyable 4 days with the most random selection of people up at the Big White Ski Resort just outside of Kelowna, BC.¬† One of my Califor-ni-ay friends, Mr Forrest Jinks,¬†planned a ski/board vacation with a few of his¬†male associates¬†and was kind enough to invite me and my¬†Kelowna-native partner in crime, Amy¬†Johnston,¬†along. I’m debating what was more popular: ski/boarding or fuseball…or poker for that matter. But either way, it was a perfect timed get away¬†with gorgeous sunny days on the hill, deep meaningless talks in the hottub, and 4am poker games (of course, not to mention continuous fuseball rivalrys which, I’m pretty sure, were more about the celebratory dancing then the actual game) to end off my crazy over booked month of January. It was such a raging success, we just might do it again next year! Check out the gong show pix thru the link below.