I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions. I find them highly over rated, and never taken seriously with in the first couple weeks of making them. Pessimistic? Nah…I like to think of it as realistic. However, I do find myself to get very reflective at this time of year. Looking back over the past 365 days….the fun, the not so much fun, the people that have come into, and gone out of my life, the things I can’t wait to do again, the things I’ll NEVER in a million years do again (bet you’re wondering what THAT is, huh?!).  What I especially notice every year, is that with ever year older I get, the faster the next year goes by. I have never had a year so chalk full of experiences, travels, up and downs, and yet, it feels like it all happened in a swift week. So I reflect…

The year began quite unexpectedly really. A new suitor showed up on my door step the first week of January and we spent the next 6 months living life to it’s fullest. Visiting the likes of San Diego, San Francisco, Disneyland, Phoenix, Santa Rosa, the Napa Valley and then some. I look back on those months as some of the fondest times I can remember. And if I could do it again, I would. In a heartbeat.

April brought some less happy times as my grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed from this world into the next. Deaths in the family are never something one wants to experience, but you never truly feel closer to your family then in times of sorrow. It brought a side of my family together that hadn’t been all in one place since the passing of my uncle back in 2002. The reunion, despite the circumstances was nice.

Summer came, as it normally does of course.  Many evenings of volleyball, afternoons on the beach, trips up to Kelowna and the occasional day of work. 😀 It was possibly the calm before the storm, of sorts. Fall was notably more exciting. I started off the trend by bringing a new addition into the house in the form of a 2lb, 4-legged fur ball. Was it a mouse? Was it a dog? No couldn’t be a dog…lame excuse for a dog! Ah yes, it was indeed. But not JUST a dog…a POCKET DOG, none the less. And yes, despite the pleas of better judgement from friends, I even carried her around in a purse. I called it a bag, but who was I kidding…it was a purse!

October brought Thanksgiving and the visit of my brother and his wife, and my most darling niece, Lucy. It also brought the unfortunate event of experiencing Vancouver drivers at their best as I got rear ended one rainy evening and wrote of the only car I had ever owned.  It wasn’t an altogether bad experience as I now drive, for the first time in my driving career, a brand new car. Ahhh….the sweet smell of “new car”! (simple minds, simple pleasures!) 🙂 November brought changed dynamics in my current living situation and so it was deemed time to move on. On a fairly sudden whim I moved into a splendid little basement suite in the heart of Kerrisdale and had a hay day decorating and furnishing it to my heart’s content!

I got settled in just in time for the massive yearly push to Christmas through the month of December. 9 hour days at work, Christmas parties, Special Meetings…it was a busy month. The end finally arrived with the much anticipated week of Christmas holidays. But as tradition would have it, I got flattened by the most recent bug that happened to be circulating, and I’m still not convinced that Christmas has happened yet. Is it possible that it came and went and I was too incoherent to realize it???

And so here we are…and the brink of yet another year. What lies ahead in the next 365 days is really anybody’s guess. Doesn’t it strike you funny how blindly we go into each day. We literally do NOT know how that day is going to end. Makes one feel pretty small and insignificant, don’t you think. Or, it can be the most exhilarating part of life. The unknown. The surprise.

That is my one resolution for 2008:

Embrace each new day as the gift of excitement and anticipation for which it was intended.

This will be the best year yet.



September 19, 2007

I have officially come face to face with the hardest decision of my life (so far).

(Note: I said hardest…not most important)

The Question: To puppy or not to puppy.

I have been lusting after my friend’s MinPins for a couple years now. My friend is my hairstylist in Kelowna and when I go back there, I go to her house to have my hair done and am entertained the entire time by these little bundles of energy. And so, the last time I was there (check that…2 times ago) I ended up seeing her in the salon instead, but she informed me, her dog had puppies!! Yay!! And she wants me to have one. Now, a dog is something I have always had on my to do list but I always imagined it at a time where I was more settled, grown up, mature…all that good stuff. And then I got thinking…my gosh, I’m 27 living on my own, got a job, got a house, got a life….how much more “settled, grown up, mature” must one be to move into dog-hood??  However, as some of my friends continue to remind me, all the afore mentioned characteristics does not mean I’m ready for “commitment”.


I thought that word only came up in relationships!

But essentially, I suppose this IS a relationship. (In fact, one of my patients reminded me how much more a favorable relationship this could be…having a being who adores me, cuddles me, follows around after me…and still lets me rule the roost! What’s not to love??) 🙂  But to be honest, it IS a hard decision. I get so excited thinking about all the awesome things about having a puppy…the companionship, the entertainment, the motivation to be active (trust me, that’s a big one). But there’s also the down sides: The responsibiliy, the expense, the (min) 10 year commitment. One of my (so called) friends even took it to a new level. When I told him I might be getting a new addition his response was, “So this is what it’s come to? You can’t find a man, so you’ll settle for a dog?” So my response to him was, “I’m getting a dog because there’s no better way to meet a man!” (it made me feel marginally better)

The other side of the coin is much more encouraging. I do have a handful of (single) friends who have dogs and swear it was the best decision they ever made. No one’s going to argue the fact that for the first few weeks (months?) I may regret my choice more than once, but in the long run, aren’t dog’s a man’s best friend?

So where does that leave women…?? 😀

 And so I deliberate…

Blogs ‘n Things…

September 5, 2007

So as per Mr Nutzgrant’s request, I was to record my 5 favorite blogs and 5 goals that I have never taken seriously so here’s my response to that:

5 Blogs:

(Do I even KNOW of 5 blogs???) …to be honest I don’t. I read a total of 2 blogs. And so, I will tell you of them.

1. Damon Grant aka Nutzgrant aka Damon’s Wacky Thoughts

This blog was in truth my introduction to the world of blogs. It comes in many forms…humor, history, controversy, music compositions and occasional updates on the odd exciting weekend or trip. It was the diversity of this blog that inspired me to try it on my own…however, comparing 10,000 hits to 50,000…you can see who has done a better job! *wink*

2. Mark Robinson aka Ball of Goof

I only met Mark a couple weeks ago and don’t really know him well enough to call him much more than an aquaintance, but got introduced to his blog. Some of you know him and will understand, those of you who don’t, all I’ll say is he went through probably the hardest experience in life anyone could possibly go through and it shows in his blogging. The emotion and passion coming from someone so young is incredibly inspiring.  My writing never gets that deep, but I admire those who do.

I really need to expand my blog reading don’t I….maybe I’ll add that to my “goals I’ve never taken seriously”… *wink*

on that note…

5 Goals I’ve Never Taken Seirously:

1. Travelling

I’ve always said that I dream of going to Greece and Turkey. I’m pretty sure that’s been on my do to list since I was in at least grade 10, and yet, I’m not a step closer to accomplishing it than I was back then. Well, I guess I am…I at least have a consistant income and a little more independance then when I was in school, but can’t say I’m really doing too much about that…

2. Buy a House

Perhaps a bit of an odd goal…but it is definatly something I think most people see themselves doing at some point or another. However, somehow I’m still pouring my money into the bottomless pit of rent.

3. Recording a CD

I do believe I have the talent…but the time, commitment and money…now THAT’S a different question.

4. Read more

One thing I have noticed since highschool is that I don’t read. And what’s worse…is that, the less I read, the harder reading is. I used to pride myself in how fast of a reader I was and now, it’s pretty painful how long it takes me to get through a book… So I just end up avoiding it even though there are so many books I keep hearing about that I would love to read….maybe there’s something to those book tapes…. lol

5. Grow Up

…do i really need to explain why i’ve never taken this seriously??? =)

So there you have it folks. Hope you enjoyed my deep and inspiring thoughts! *wink*

Beautiful BC

May 23, 2007

This is why I love BC. BC? Ok, more like Vancouver….there are definatly parts of BC that, I’m sure, aren’t beautiful. Although, I certainly don’t know of any! *L* It was an amazingly warm and sunny evening last night so my roomie and I went for a little walk down to the ocean. Kits beach is sort of the bane of my existance. It is one of the most beautiful places I know, and yet, sometimes the people down there just IRK me! It’s the part of Vancouver where all the professional singles live. It’s too expensive for students and the sort to live, but even the working professionals have to rent because the homes are all up over a million dollars. However, you’d think by the way they all look and act that they owned 2 houses each with their spik and span Hummers, pure bred labradors and full LuLu Lemon attire. It’s one of the most pretentious areas I’ve ever seen or lived in. (Next to possibly San Diego…*wink*) jk But yes, I live here too. So I guess I get grouped into that whole demographic. Anyways…I digress. The biggest reason I live down here is because I live for water. Being a mere few blocks away from the ocean gives me more pleasure than I can imagine. To walk down there, sit on the edge of the ocean with my large non fat extra hot double shot latte *wink* and watch the sun set, the beach volleyball players, the dogs playing fetch…I could do it for hours! I took a couple pics to try to capture the moment last night, although, once again, my camera ph doesn’t have the best resolution, but it’ll give you an idea.




Did I mention I love Vancouver….??

I have the most adorable granny EVER! And anyone who’s met her heartily agrees, so I’m not even biased. (ok, maybe just a little…) Anyways, she is coming on 95 this July so needless to say, this woman has seen more than most of us could ever imagine seeing in a lifetime.  One of her coolest memories that I’ve heard (I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to hear this story) is that she sailed between Ireland and USA on the SS Duchess of Bedford. Twice!  My Grandmother was born in Brooklyn in 1912 but her family moved back to Ireland before she was a year old where she was raised until she was in her mid teens when they immigrated back here. Her first trip on the SS was in 1926 when she came over with her family to start a new life. Then she went back on it again to visit in ’32, in the heat of the depression. Check out how classic this old ship is! It was 600′ in length and carried just over 1500 passengers. Nothing too impressive if compared to the 890 foot, 2,200 passenger Titanic, but still. Would have been pretty amazing for a 14 year old on her first voyage away from the “homeland”. 

My how things have changed…

You’ve been poked by…

You know how they say it’s the MSG in junk food that just makes it impossible to stay away from it and stop eating it? I wonder what additive is in Facebook that makes it just so darn irresistable. And for those scoffing at me, I KNOW I’m not the only one who has this problem.  But, be what it is, there are clearly some moral issues that come with it.  Now, I know this is nothing new with these online networking and profiling site, but a good friend of mine sent me this link today and it’s kinda creepy.  I always take this stuff with a grain of salt, and also, I’m not dumb enough to put real personal information online, but still makes you wonder…is Big Brother REALLY watching??  Check out this link and see how you feel about Facebook afterwords! (and any other site you partake in for that matter) oh, and make sure you have sound.

So, just to warn you all, this blog is going to be a stream of consciousness, so be aware! I don’t really know where I’m going with my thought process tonight, but I seem to have alot on the brain and so I thought I’d see where it got me… 

I had a wonderful chat with my sister in law tonight.  She’s not REALLY my sister in law, but for lack of a better term…and I feel like she is, so, she is! Anyways, I find her and I really have the same out looks in life, and so I love our chats.  We got talking about where life takes us. (to paraphrase) And the million doller question came up…do we just sit back and leave life to fate, or do we deal with it here and now.  Now, I’ve become a strong believer in fate and karma over the years.  Many are skeptical about these points of views, but I feel they’re purely up to the individual, and not a matter of being right or wrong.  But so often you come to a cross roads in life.  Fate would say, let it play out. What’s meant to be will be.  But rationale and practicality says you need to assess the situation and make decisions accordingly.  Hence even having the privilege, much less ability to make choices.  I am one of those people though, that becomes completely overwhelmed and disillusioned when faced with a large or life altering decision.  I will generally run away, ignore it, resist it. Whatever needs to be done to just plain avoid making it.  Inevitably, however, the decision needs to be made.  As I look back on life on some of those times, I wonder what it was in the end that made my decision for me.  Probably the biggest decision I’ve made was to leave Kelowna which meant leaving my foundation of friends, my practice, my hometown, to come to a city where I pretty much knew no one except my family, had to start my practice again from scratch, and live in a major metropolis of a city. For a small town girl, this was a big thing.  What made the decision for me, I believe, was the day I saw the job I currently hold advertised, which was during a week where business was so slow buying groceries was potentially going to be an issue.  So was that fate? Did fate show me the light at the end of the tunnel? Or was it practicality that urged me to even begin browsing for jobs elsewhere?  All I know is that for the first 6 months that I lived here, I was completely and utterly convinced that I made the worst mistake of my life.  But now, looking over the past 12 months, I’ve lived a life being a person I never knew I could be.  Truely, time solves everything. The problem is, I feel like I’m on the brink of yet another one of those life changing events.  And the urge to run is there.  I don’t want to face it. But I need to. So…what do I do?

Fate or Rationale.

Maybe time will tell…..