I think a few of my readers know my dear friend Megan, or have at least heard me talk of her.  She’s taken on a phenomenal challenge of doing the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, which takes place here in Vancouver in August.  It is a 2-day, 60km (approx 36mi for all you un-metric americans!) *wink* In order to even participate, each member must raise at LEAST $2000.  So this isn’t just a nice way to spend a weekend!  Anyways, I just wanted to plug her cause a little bit for any of you who would be interested in donating to her and helping in the fight to end Breast Cancer.  I think you will all agree this is far too prevalent a disease to not be striving for a cure.  So I hope you will all take this opportunity seriously.  And to you Meg, good luck on your efforts!!  Click on the pink ribbon to visit Megan’s website.