Patience is a virtue

June 13, 2008

Ok, so I’m not trying to rant on the human race, but, ok, i am.

There’s just some funny things that people do that continue to humor me. Like last night, as I was leaving work, I’m walking past a bus stop and one of the ladies waiting for the bus is literally half way out into the road trying to see as far down the road as possible to see if there was a bus coming. Now, this is really the kettle callling the pot black, because I’ve done it too, but it just strikes me as funny. The truth of it is, when you look that far down the road, you might see a bus, but you can’t read the number so you still don’t know if it’s yours, and if it IS, seeing it half a mile away, isn’t going to get it to your stop any sooner than if you just saw it as it was pulling up. So why stress?? Might as well sit back, plug in your ear buds and count cars. Your bus will show at the exact time it does. (now THAT was profound) Willing it to appear around the corner will have little to do with it. The best part is, Vancouver transit is notorious for running behind so you might as well enjoy your extra few minutes of tardiness!


There are some things about our human race that absolutely drives me nuts. OK, maybe there’s more than just “some” but this morning, I was reminded of one in particular:

What rediculous over-consumers we are.

This morning, as I head out in my rain slicker (both on me AND my dog), it’s clearly raining and what do I see? My neighbour has their sprinklers running full tilt. Now, I could understand if it had been dry for a few days and grass was drying out and turning brown, but this is VANCOUVER for crying out loud. No one here has irrigation systems because we don’t need them!!! It has been raining since Sunday. The park I take my dog to has practically become a mud bog, and some dude feels he need to further dampen his front lawn…WHILE it’s still raining, nonetheless. Meanwhile, last summer, we were on a water conservation program.

Ahhh…people never cease to amaze me.

not-so-sweet dreams

May 5, 2008

It’s Monday morning, it’s pouring rain, and I’ve been sitting on my couch for half an hour, ready for work. Whay is this a problem? Well BECAUSE…it’s MONDAY MORNING…that’s an extra half hour of sleep I could’ve had. It was just one of those mornings where either, I dont care what I look like, or it was just easier to get ready. (I’m hoping for the latter) But my internal clock these days has really been annoying me. For about 4 mornings in a row about 2 wks ago, my lovely little pooch decided that she was going to start getting up at 6:30AM (which is utterly rediculous when I’m never up before 8:00AM). Completely random, we were still going to bed at the same time the previous night, still doing our usual outside runs, she was just on a mission. Finally, I broke the habit…but only with her it seems. To this day, I am waking up like clockwork at 6:44AM every morning. Now, granted, I can go back to sleep, but I’m really not a fan of having my beauty sleep disturbed…and some of you early morning callers have found that out the hard way! 😉 So now, not only am I waking up at 6:44 every morning without reason, I’m also popping wide awake at 7:49…11 minutes before my actual alarm. WHAT DOES A GIRL NEED TO DO TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP?!?!? lol


There…that’s my rant for the day!



My latest words of wisdom by which i live by these days:

When life gives you lemons…

Make lemon meringue pie and throw it in life’s face!


(thanks of course to TSB) 😉

What has our nation come to that this is how our children deal with confusion? We are all entitled to how we feel about life issues, but do we really have to go to this extreme to enforce our own opinion? In my world, the actions this boy took were dictated by the negativity, hate and violence that seems to be abounding in our society. Ellen has some good points…it all starts with seemingly harmless jokes, whether it be about religion, race, or sexual preferences. The worst part though…these boys are in grade 8. So that makes them, what, 13??



February 10, 2008

Well here we are, just a few days short of one of the most famous holidays of the year…not to mention one of the biggest hallmark holidays of the year! 😉 Quite honestly though, this holiday is 2nd only to Christmas as the largest card sending holiday of the year with approximatly 1 billion valentine’s being sent each year. The stat I find most entertaining is that it’s estimated that 85% of all valentines are purchased by women. (oh how I love Wikipedia 😉 ) Slighty ironic, wouldn’t you say, seeing as women tend to be the ones that expect the MOST out of that day?! Is this stat so high because we actually buy OURSELVES valentines??? Hmmmm…I’ll never tell….

So what IS the deal with this day?! It has become one of the most dreaded days for single women and attached men. I’m not sure Mr Valentine would be real impressed with the way the trends have gone. I think it was originally a holiday intended to flatter and pamper the one you love, which of course women will never protest. However, with how rediculously marked up gifts, flowers and even some dinners out become, just during this week, it has taken alot of the fun out of the holiday, and instead is just a financial investment. (lucky for Hallmark!!) Now what fun is that??  However, I can’t lie, I’m a girl (clearly) and I love to be pampered, but a little of the romance is definatly lost. I think probably one of the best Valentine’s was when I just went out with the girls…no pressure, no strain…just a fun girls night out! Which is generally why single women tend to despise this day. There’s nothing like a “couple’s day” to rub in just a little more the fact that you are STILL not a couple!! lol I think most single guys would like to argue that they are quite happy to be unattached on V-day…saves them a heck of money. But seriously, who are we kidding…we all like having that special someone, no?

(Wow…am I the eternal cynicist or what??) hehe

Anyways, that all being said, it is pretty awesome to be out on a special evening with that special someone doing that special something, whatever it may be! I will never say no to flowers, chocolate, rose petals, candles, romance…ok I’ll stop. Hey! I’m a girl, what can i say!!! 😀


This is scary…

January 16, 2008

You have got to check out this video. It’s long, but it’s worth it. Scientologist, Tom Cruise defines Scientology and outlines the responsibilities of other Scientologists. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not judge him for being so committed to his religion. I appreciate faith and commitment, being a Christian myself, and also respect the freedom to choose which path suits you best. But when someone starts making statements like, “We are the way to happiness”, “We can bring peace and unite cultures”, not to mention, “When you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help.” , my hackles go up.

Watch this video and see what you think…

Share and share alike??

January 9, 2008

So I was just listening to the radio and an interesting point was brought up. They were talking about cheating, which, I’m pretty sure everyone says is bad, but somehow, it continues to happen. Funny that!  Anyways, the conversation was about revenge cheating/sex. As in, if your partner cheats on you in some way or another, are you justified in doing the same thing back? Or maybe not justified in doing it, but maybe SHOULD you do in return just so they know how bad they hurt you? And if you DO feel like revenge cheating is necessary, how soon should this happen? This sounds like a really wierd question but here’s the scenerio: Your partner cheats on you, you have a big fight about it, decide to stay together (don’t ask me why) and then, 6 months down the road the opportunity presents for you to cheat…do you sort of have a “get out of jail free card” because he/she cheated on you? Or even if just the next day after you’ve been cheated on the opportunity presents, should you/would you??

This is my opinion: (even though you didn’t ask for it)

I have NO time for cheaters. There is a saying, “once a cheat, always a cheat”. I’m not sure how I feel about that, might be true, or perhaps, everyone makes mistakes. I’d like to think it would maybe depend on the situation, but I definatly know I’d have a hard time staying with the person who cheated on me. That being said, if we did somehow make it thru and work it out, I don’t believe ANYTHING gives me free reign to do the same to him. Otherwise, I’m no better than he is. I believe it’s clear that if someone is cheating, there is something drastic missing from the relationship, and probably, you shouldn’t be together.

So I’m curious…what do you think??? Have you been cheated on? (I’ll open that one up and admit that I have been cheated on) What do you think of payback? Would you stay with the person who cheated on you??

You are what you…drink?

December 21, 2007

As you pack your bags and prepare to head out on your holiday, here’s a little warning as to what might have went on in your hotel room before you got there. Seriously, the more I hear about hotels, the less I want to stay at them. The next time I hear, “HOUSEKEEEEEPING? You want your pee-low fluffed??” I might just sit in the room and watch her do it… lol

 WARNING: Do not watch this video within 30mins of eating 😉

Happy Holidays!!!

Summer Daze

July 5, 2007

I’m officially an addict. I’ve been sitting in front of this square thing for the past 2 hrs, and I had at least another 2 hrs earlier today. Ok, so I’m not really that bad. It’s just been one of those days where I really feel like doing nothing after having been constantly on the go for the past couple weeks. Sometimes it’s nice to be down right lazy. Summer has finally made its grand entrance for the year. Isn’t it funny how us coasters complain incessantly about the rain until the sun comes. And then, everyone’s happy for a few days of brilliant summer heat and then the complaints start up again. “It’s too hot, it’s too muggy, my grass is dying from the heat…” SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!! Aren’t you ever happy?!? I LIVE for this weather. And yet, I get that some prefer the damp cool weather over the hot summer weather, but it’s the people who can’t be happy with either that really get to me.

Another comical bit that I enjoy is how it seems when the sun comes out, no one it Kits seems to have a job. You can go down to Kits beach on any given week day, any time after about 11am and it’s packed down there. I wonder if the the level of productivity suddenly plumets on sunny days. I guess I’m just as bad as the rest of them if I’ve noticed this, seeing as I’m for sure down there on my day off, but then also often at least one other day either before or after work on my half day. But I figured it would be humorous to tourists who might be looking forward to a nice quiet day down on the beach before the craziness of the weekend hits, and get down there just to realize everyother guy and their dog (quite literally) are there. Honestly people…does no one work these days! (hehe..i can just HEAR people calling me a hypocrite behind my back!) Meh, bring it on. I love my job…I got the best quality of life one could ask for.

And then there’s the characters at the beach. Now, there’s always your standard innocent people down there. The ones by themselves who’ve brought their laptops to catch up on work, or their novel to just enjoy the afternoon. Or there’s the groups of 2 or 3 lounging, deep in gossip conversation totally oblivious to their surroundings. But then there’s the “scopers”.  Now, I’ve realized there are different kinds of scopers. There’s the ones who come down in full beach attire (or lack there of, I guess) But what’s different about them is that they have their little beach chair they sit in, so they can comfortably watch the scenery. Then there the group scopers. These are the groups of 2 or 3 who try to APPEAR to be like the formerly mentioned groups who are engulfed in conversation but who are actually lying there with their sunglasses on so no one can REALLY see where they’re looking. And finally there are the completely and utterly inconspicuous totally blantent scopers. These are the ones who come fully dressed, sit in the shade up near the road (Cornwall) and stare. You don’t even have to guess what they’re looking at. Yup you know the ones…we’ve all seem em. I mean, they might as well just set up a booth that says “free viewings…just walk on by” ah well, each to their own. We all love summer in our own unique way I suppose!