Look or Leap?

March 12, 2008

and once again, I get contemplative…

This is a question I have struggled with for most of my adult years (or whenever it was I actually learned what the saying meant) Actually, check that, I haven’t struggled with it…I work one way, and one way alone:


Very few times in my life have I ever put much thought into “looking”. Maybe it’s because I’m a terrible decision maker, maybe it’s because it takes more effort to think than to leap, more likely than not, it’s because I’d like to think I can trust whole heartedly…whatever the case may be, I generally find myself with both feet in before I know what’s happened.

The result? Well, it’s been a mixed bag. I’ve dealt with my share of heart break in life. And although I’d like to blame it on the fact that I maybe haven’t considered my options enough before moving forward, the reminder comes back to me: “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.

Cheese? Yes of course. But true, no?

However, there are those times when you put your faith and trust out there, and it’s taken, chewed up, and thrown back at you. Those are the times when you really wish you’d taken that second look.


What has our nation come to that this is how our children deal with confusion? We are all entitled to how we feel about life issues, but do we really have to go to this extreme to enforce our own opinion? In my world, the actions this boy took were dictated by the negativity, hate and violence that seems to be abounding in our society. Ellen has some good points…it all starts with seemingly harmless jokes, whether it be about religion, race, or sexual preferences. The worst part though…these boys are in grade 8. So that makes them, what, 13??



I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions. I find them highly over rated, and never taken seriously with in the first couple weeks of making them. Pessimistic? Nah…I like to think of it as realistic. However, I do find myself to get very reflective at this time of year. Looking back over the past 365 days….the fun, the not so much fun, the people that have come into, and gone out of my life, the things I can’t wait to do again, the things I’ll NEVER in a million years do again (bet you’re wondering what THAT is, huh?!).  What I especially notice every year, is that with ever year older I get, the faster the next year goes by. I have never had a year so chalk full of experiences, travels, up and downs, and yet, it feels like it all happened in a swift week. So I reflect…

The year began quite unexpectedly really. A new suitor showed up on my door step the first week of January and we spent the next 6 months living life to it’s fullest. Visiting the likes of San Diego, San Francisco, Disneyland, Phoenix, Santa Rosa, the Napa Valley and then some. I look back on those months as some of the fondest times I can remember. And if I could do it again, I would. In a heartbeat.

April brought some less happy times as my grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed from this world into the next. Deaths in the family are never something one wants to experience, but you never truly feel closer to your family then in times of sorrow. It brought a side of my family together that hadn’t been all in one place since the passing of my uncle back in 2002. The reunion, despite the circumstances was nice.

Summer came, as it normally does of course.  Many evenings of volleyball, afternoons on the beach, trips up to Kelowna and the occasional day of work. 😀 It was possibly the calm before the storm, of sorts. Fall was notably more exciting. I started off the trend by bringing a new addition into the house in the form of a 2lb, 4-legged fur ball. Was it a mouse? Was it a dog? No couldn’t be a dog…lame excuse for a dog! Ah yes, it was indeed. But not JUST a dog…a POCKET DOG, none the less. And yes, despite the pleas of better judgement from friends, I even carried her around in a purse. I called it a bag, but who was I kidding…it was a purse!

October brought Thanksgiving and the visit of my brother and his wife, and my most darling niece, Lucy. It also brought the unfortunate event of experiencing Vancouver drivers at their best as I got rear ended one rainy evening and wrote of the only car I had ever owned.  It wasn’t an altogether bad experience as I now drive, for the first time in my driving career, a brand new car. Ahhh….the sweet smell of “new car”! (simple minds, simple pleasures!) 🙂 November brought changed dynamics in my current living situation and so it was deemed time to move on. On a fairly sudden whim I moved into a splendid little basement suite in the heart of Kerrisdale and had a hay day decorating and furnishing it to my heart’s content!

I got settled in just in time for the massive yearly push to Christmas through the month of December. 9 hour days at work, Christmas parties, Special Meetings…it was a busy month. The end finally arrived with the much anticipated week of Christmas holidays. But as tradition would have it, I got flattened by the most recent bug that happened to be circulating, and I’m still not convinced that Christmas has happened yet. Is it possible that it came and went and I was too incoherent to realize it???

And so here we are…and the brink of yet another year. What lies ahead in the next 365 days is really anybody’s guess. Doesn’t it strike you funny how blindly we go into each day. We literally do NOT know how that day is going to end. Makes one feel pretty small and insignificant, don’t you think. Or, it can be the most exhilarating part of life. The unknown. The surprise.

That is my one resolution for 2008:

Embrace each new day as the gift of excitement and anticipation for which it was intended.

This will be the best year yet.

Update on Braden

September 22, 2007

I’ve had a number of people ask me how Braden’s doing, and then anonymous poster asked so I figured I’d update on here. So far it’s good news. The following is an email his parents sent out on Wednesday. That’s the last update I’ve had so far. From what I can tell, his life isn’t in as much danger, so that’s a load off his family, but his rehab will be long and trying, which will be a bigger load on him. But he’s a brave tough kid so he’ll keep fighting!! All’s well that ends well. 🙂

May I say how incredibly heart warming it has been to hear from you and know how much you care for our boy! Wow! I make a point of telling him every day of the calls, emails, messages etc. and he has a little smile and his eyebrows go up like he is surprised and pleased. Thanks sooooo much for your care!!!
They kept him in ICU today and maybe tomorrow, not because of critical care really, but he is a big workload for the nurses on the regular ward. They are planning to send him to Royal Jubilee in Victoria as they specialize in the areas he will need. He is struggling with a very sore back, which must have taken alot of impact, and of course his wrists and leg. Hard to get comfortable and can’t seem to sleep. Hard to watch him struggle with everything. The morphine has some unpleasent side effects, so they are trying to sort out something that works for pain. So, for now he just has to heal. His left leg had faciotomies on both sides, so those have to be left open in order to allow the swelling, so they are extremely painful for him. He is a tough kid though. Bearing with it all. He loves having one or two of us there to help him with simple things we take for granted like scratching his nose. It will all come with time though. I think he is looking at more than a few weeks in the hospital, but we’re not dwelling on that at the moment.
This is all for now. Take care, Dave, Jackie, Braden and family

Send your prayers…

September 17, 2007

It’s been weighing heavy on me the past couple days since I heard some bad news. One of the dear young guys from the Island was in a severe accident this past weekend. I dont know all the details, and I probably wouldnt spread them around on here anyways, but the gist of it was he was on his street bike and was involved in a hit and run. Yes, he was hit, the other guy (in a vehicle, of course), ran, and left Braden for dead. Luckily he was found, but in critical condition, in which, last I heard, he still remains. I don’t know the extent of the injuries but obviously they’re bad. So please, he desperatly needs your thoughts and prayers…as does the rest of his family.

This brings up another whole set of emotions for me. And I hope some of you dont take this personal, because really, I’m just venting, and that’s what blogs are for right? So really…what’s with hitting someone, and taking off? Has our society become so empty that one cannot take responsibility for his/her actions and own up to what they’ve done? (and you can’t tell me that you can hit someone on a bike and not notice) Instead, they get to go on with their life not knowing any different and one day might even forget about that awful day they ran over a young innocent man and changed his life forever. This is when I truly hope Karma steps in. No one deserves to be so cruel and get away with it. The other struggle I have is with street bikes in general. Why do these young guys continue to buy them and get their kicks on them when we continue to hear story after story of these horrible accidents. Almost every guy I know that’s owned a street bike (aka crotch rocket…i wonder why…) and has lived to tell the tale, looks back on it as one of the stupidest things they ever did and can’t believe they made it out alive. And yes, I understand you can be the most careful cautious driver but seriously! You are a fraction the size of an average car, and sometimes we dont even see a car coming, much less a bike. And you have zero protection around you. No matter how defensive of a driver you are, you will still get the short end of the stick in an accident! Women seem to get the bad rap for being “girly” and not wanting their guy to have a bike. Can you blame us?? Can you imagine how you would feel if you were Braden’s girl friend right now?? Again, sorry for the rant. And also, for the depressing blog…it’s just what’s on my mind today. 😦

I sincerely hope Braden comes thru this strong and healthy. But I also sincerely hope that those who know him and see him going thru this will honestly think twice the next time they want to go for a ride.

Be strong Braden, we’re all pulling for you.