New Blog, New Theme, New Life

February 24, 2009

So, a little change of scenery on here for you all! I fell drastically off the blogging bandwagon sometime last year and of course lost all my avid fans. (All 3 of you…) 😉 However, since starting my new life way up north, I’ve had many intrigued friends curious about what it’s REALLY like in Alaska. Have we bought our slew of sled dogs, is it warm enough in our igloo…you know how it goes! Well my friends, I hate to disappoint, but none of the standard stereotypes hold true. I have moved to one of the most beautiful places on the earth, I am sure of it. And yes, we get winters, we get snow, we get cold…but hey! so does Kelowna, and so far, nothing beats that place! But, when the clouds clear, the sun shines and I lie in bed looking out the window, I see the greatest snow peaked mountain at my doorstep and a bald eagle flying by and coming to rest in the tree just outside. Life could not be more breath taking.

And so, this is now the new theme of my blog. I will, to the best of my abilities, walk you through my new found life in one of the most beautiful, yet best kept secrets of the world.

Welcome to Juneau, Alaska!



Well, some say “Congrats”, some say “Another one bites the dust” but regardless, it’s official: Cor is off the market! *gasp*

Most of you know the story by now but for those who don’t here are the gory details. I came up to Juneau last Wednesday for about a week and a half. I guess I should preface this by saying that we had been talking about getting engaged but I had no idea when it was really going to happen. Unfortunatly, it got out that Andy had already sent my dad a letter asking for my hand (it doesn’t get much more romantic than that) so I knew it wasn’t in the too distant future, but honestly, I wasn’t expecting it THIS soon!! Anyways, we came home from the airport and sat down with a cup of tea, just casually chatting. (I have to admit, Andy was very calm and collected, which was another reason I wasn’t expecting it) Anyways, he gets up and says he wants to give me my birthday present early, so he pulls out of the cupboard this gorgeous lime green Marmot rain jacket. Which was perfect because I’m sure he’s completely tired of my endless complaining of the rain in Vancouver and how it sucks walking my dog when I have no rain gear. Anyways, I was of course very taken up with trying the jacket on and checking it all out. I stuck my hand in one of the pockets to discover and small little wooden box. I just about died!! It was perfect!! And even Andy admits, that for him, that was pretty creative…not to mention romantic! 😀 Anyways, after admiting he’d never done this before (whew) he asked me to marry to him and spend the rest of our lives together to which I could say nothing except, “OF COURSE!”

So needless to say, I am absolutely elated. Quite arguably the happiest girl alive and, as Andy’s uncle put it, being the fisherman that he is, Andy has caught his prize trophy! lol

We have some plans already in motion for the big day which will be next spring, probably late April, in Kelowna. There’s a ton of paper work to be done, so we need the extra time to get it all organized. I will be moving up here to Juneau, which is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world, so I am really looking forward to the transition!

I cannot wait for everyone who has not yet met Andy to get to know the amazing man that has invited me into his already functional and fulfulling life and shown me the most exciting and promising future a girl could ask for.

I cannot describe the feeling of peace that comes with finally being with the person you are intended to spend the rest of your life with. It is a feeling I hope I never take for granted.

Thanks to all of you who have already extended your warm wishes, we can’t wait to start our life together and have all of you be a part of it!

Feel free to peruse my Picassa pictures (the link is on the top right corner of this page), I’ve posted some of our engagement pictures as well as some pictures of the beautiful ring Andy designed all by himself!

It has arrived…

February 28, 2008

Ok, so this might be a bit unusual/unnecessary to blog about, but I saw this commercial and literally started laughing out loud…

“Without a doubt, it is the most sophisticated piece of technology……..[dramatic pause]……… will EVER pee on.”


I think the man that narrated this commercial had a secret desire to be just like David Caruso…



February 10, 2008

Well here we are, just a few days short of one of the most famous holidays of the year…not to mention one of the biggest hallmark holidays of the year! 😉 Quite honestly though, this holiday is 2nd only to Christmas as the largest card sending holiday of the year with approximatly 1 billion valentine’s being sent each year. The stat I find most entertaining is that it’s estimated that 85% of all valentines are purchased by women. (oh how I love Wikipedia 😉 ) Slighty ironic, wouldn’t you say, seeing as women tend to be the ones that expect the MOST out of that day?! Is this stat so high because we actually buy OURSELVES valentines??? Hmmmm…I’ll never tell….

So what IS the deal with this day?! It has become one of the most dreaded days for single women and attached men. I’m not sure Mr Valentine would be real impressed with the way the trends have gone. I think it was originally a holiday intended to flatter and pamper the one you love, which of course women will never protest. However, with how rediculously marked up gifts, flowers and even some dinners out become, just during this week, it has taken alot of the fun out of the holiday, and instead is just a financial investment. (lucky for Hallmark!!) Now what fun is that??  However, I can’t lie, I’m a girl (clearly) and I love to be pampered, but a little of the romance is definatly lost. I think probably one of the best Valentine’s was when I just went out with the girls…no pressure, no strain…just a fun girls night out! Which is generally why single women tend to despise this day. There’s nothing like a “couple’s day” to rub in just a little more the fact that you are STILL not a couple!! lol I think most single guys would like to argue that they are quite happy to be unattached on V-day…saves them a heck of money. But seriously, who are we kidding…we all like having that special someone, no?

(Wow…am I the eternal cynicist or what??) hehe

Anyways, that all being said, it is pretty awesome to be out on a special evening with that special someone doing that special something, whatever it may be! I will never say no to flowers, chocolate, rose petals, candles, romance…ok I’ll stop. Hey! I’m a girl, what can i say!!! 😀


Ode to my Fanclub

December 21, 2007


I have a FANCLUB??? you must be joking…

Well, I actually can’t back that up, but apparently, according to the wise one who got me on to this silly blogging thing, the number of hits I get in a day on my site (considering how new my blog is) is astounding. And so, I can only thank you, my beloved readers, for “racking up the hits” and therefore making me seem sorta cool! 😉 I like to believe all the hits I get are, in fact, true honest to goodness readers. I might be stretching it a bit there but hey! it’s my blog…

Anyways, in all seriousness, it’s pretty fun to know that someone, for whatever reason, is checking out my site now and again, and that’s awesome!



Whistler, BC

November 6, 2007

It has literally been YEARS since I visited the, apparently world renowned mountain known as Whistler. In fact I believe the last time I was up there was while I was still in high school, and we all know how long ago THAT was!! lol Anyways, last weekend I made a little trek up there with a friend of mine to see what the fuss was all about. And WOW! It was fantastic. Now I wonder how it is that I’ve lived only 2 hrs away for 2 years and never been up there. We hiked around this little lake called Lost Lake which was so beautiful and peaceful, and we both agreed it will be on the to do list in the summer for swimming and such. Perfect location!! Can’t wait to check it out now in the winter for skiing!!! Check out the pics thru the link below.


My new dog:

spoiled.jpg  whistler-006.jpg

(yes that is her i’m holding beside the lake…her first “mountain experience”)


My new car:


These are the 2 little (or not so little) joys in my life right now that have made up for the not so exciting excitement lately!! I mean really, how can you not laugh at a little mongrel that curls up in your armpit with all 4 legs in the air. And seriously, how fun in a Mazda3 Sport GT with 2.3L 156hp!!! Wheeeee!! Anyways, just thought I’d share with you what’s been keeping me so busy and distracted lately!!

Here’s to Bandwagons!

October 25, 2007

Just a shout out to my Minnesota boys…

Did the Wild lose to Canada…AGAIN??

I’m sorry…here’s a tissue! –sniff–

Miss Mika

September 26, 2007

Well, it’s a done deal. I am an official minpin puppy owner!! Her name is Mika and she’s the love of my life!!! Who needs men right?!? *wink* It’s been an exciting few days with not much sleep, lots of laughs and the steepest learning curve of my life!! I wont bore you with the details of puppy life, but click on the pic below if you wanna see my new little bundle in full force!!


In memory…

September 11, 2007

9-11-flag.jpgOnce again this somber day has come around. The day history was changed and the world was never the same. The day the nation went into mourning and came together as one to support each other thru the devastation, the tragedy, the cruelty. Men were stunned, women cried, children huddled together. Authority figures were speechless, yet promised revenge. This day will not soon be forgotten. It has been recorded in history.

Let’s have a moment of silence in remembrance of the day my dear friend Damon Grant burst into the world.

Oh ya…and didn’t someone crash into the twin towers a few years ago??

Happy Birthday Damon.