Summer at its BEST!

July 13, 2008

Ahhh….just one of things I MAY miss when I leave this beautiful province….

Spent the weekend up at Whistler for a super fun volleyball tournament. It may have been mostly luck that one girl couldn’t make it, so I was called to sub in, but HEY I won’t complain!! Anyways, ‘The Beavers’ had a fairly successful day, losing only one match all day (albeit the first play off match…) but still, can’t argue, those are pretty good odds. 😉

We stayed in a fantastic condo right in Whistler village, stumbling distance away from all the appropriate venues! (Starbucks of course!) lol

Check out some of our action pix and videos on my gallery!



R.I.P. Luc Bourdon

May 30, 2008

Very sad news all over our papers today.  Yet another example of why I hate motercylces. 😦

Bourdon got motorcycle licence only two weeks before fatal crash

SHIPPAGAN, N.B. — Luc Bourdon received his motorcycle licence just two weeks before his bike veered into the path of transport truck in northern New Brunswick, killing the promising NHL defenceman instantly.

RCMP investigators said Friday that Bourdon’s inexperience may have played a role in the death of the Vancouver Canucks rookie. Bourdon’s uncle, Robert Boucher, said his nephew dedicated himself so much to hockey that he took no time off in the last five years as he pursued his dream of playing in the NHL.

Boucher said Bourdon came home to Shippagan earlier this week for a one-month vacation so he could play golf and hang out with his friends.

So many of those friends own motorcycles that Bourdon decided to buy one, too.

“He loved to have fun,” Boucher said in French during a news conference at the town hall in Shippagan, an Acadian community of 3,000 about 250 kilometres northeast of Fredericton.

“Like anyone who is 21, he loved motorcycles. He wanted to buy a bike. That was his choice.”

Bourdon was the first-round pick of the Vancouver Canucks, 10th overall, in the 2005 NHL draft.

He also played a key role in Canada’s gold-winning teams at the 2006 and 2007 world junior championships and was expected to have a bright future on the Canucks blueline.

Bourdon was named to the all-star team at the 2006 world juniors. At the 2007 event in Sweden, Bourdon scored the third-period goal that tied the game and forced overtime against the U.S. in the semifinal game.

Bourdon split last season between Vancouver and Manitoba of the American Hockey League. He played 27 games with the Canucks, scoring two goals and collecting 20 penalty minutes.

Boucher described his nephew as a fun-loving guy who “liked to be crazy and do crazy things.”

“He was always ready to help people out – people in the family and others as well,” he said.

“We lost our little Luc, but I think that Shippagan as well has lost someone important.”

RCMP Insp. Roch Fortin suggested weather might also have been a factor in the crash. He said the wind was gusting heavily at the time of the accident on a winding, two-lane road between Shippagan and Lameque.

He said Bourdon’s bike crossed the centre line and collided head-on with the truck.

“The truck driver tried everything is his power to avoid the accident,” Fortin said.

The crash occurred not far from Bathurst, where another sports-related accident in January killed seven members of the Bathurst High basketball team and an adult.

Anna Boucher, Bourdon’s great-aunt, said his family is struggling to cope with his death.

“It’s so sad,” she said. “He was a good guy.”

She said that although Bourdon’s NHL career took him to Vancouver, he often returned to Shippagan and gave back to the community.

“He came to the arena and he used to talk to all the little guys there and he used to play hockey with them,” she said from her home in Shippagan.

Boucher recalled that sports were Bourdon’s driving passion in life and he excelled at many, including hockey and golf.

Jacques Robichaud lives across the street from Luc Bourdon’s father.

“Naturally, the community is saddened,” Robichaud said in French. “We all followed his hockey career from the beginning.”

Flags at Shippagan’s town hall were flying at half-mast.

Reality Bites

November 22, 2007

What do you call 46 guys on the couch watching the Grey Cup?











Ah yes, I am a good loser…or at least, that’s what I try to convince myself!! Yes, my BC Lions lost out in the Western Finals, and yes, I have received PLENTY of flack from my Rider Fan Friends, so I’m well abused. Hehe. So even if my Canucks are slaughtering the Wild time and time again, the Lions lost.

Reality check.

Here’s to Bandwagons!

October 25, 2007

Just a shout out to my Minnesota boys…

Did the Wild lose to Canada…AGAIN??

I’m sorry…here’s a tissue! –sniff–

Canada vs Russia

September 10, 2007

canada-vs-russia-jr-hockey-010.jpgThe old series has been revived!! Years ago there used to be a standing rivelry between Canada and Russia’s junior hockey teams. For some reason it faded out, but this year, it was raised from the dead. The teams have been battling back and forth over the past few weeks…ok, so there hasn’t been much battling…Canada’s been pretty much dominating. We went to see game #8 last night at GM place where we won 6-1. It was actually a great match up until the 3rd period when we were basicly scoring every 2 mins. But then the best part…the fighting started!! yay!! Yes, us Canadians and our hockey are a little crazy, but it’s not hockey without some fighting. It started with a few little fights here and there but then we got what we wanted…a full on ice brawl!! I found this video from back in ’87 that shows the true spirit of hockey! 😉 You know it’s a good one when the GOALIES go at it!! You can catch some pix of our night and some of the action by clicking on the picture of us!

It was the big news of the week. (well, in Vancouver anyways) Finally, the new Vancouver Canucks sweater was going to be unveiled. They’ve been holding it under our noses of almost a month now, but it was official: Today at noon was going to be the official uncovering of the new Jersey…and so, with bated breath, we waited. Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite like that for me, but I was excited…and a little confused. I’m not ENTIRELY sure why we needed a new sweater design…was it a hope for greater playoff luck that the previous ones? Were we ALREADY tired of the Orca? Or plain old, was it just a money grab (forever the pessimist) to make all us die hard band wagon fans run out and buy the new version because, heaven forbid, a Vancouverite EVER be caught dead in something so passe. So it happened…today at noon it was televised all over greater Vancouver…the Brand Spanking New Vancouver Canucks sweater.

First, I show you the old one….

Old Sweater

And now…please welcome the STUNNING NEW AND DIFFERENT….


Are you for real??? I feel like the old commercial “can you see the difference? i can’t see the difference…” Ok so yes, I DO see the difference…but did we really need that much hype for such a small change? Ah the price of media…  Well, I hope it brings us luck!! But don’t worry…I’m still sitting on the edge of the bandwagon…holding on with all 3 fingers!! =)

Welcome back Mr. Linden!!

August 27, 2007

This newtrevor-linden.jpgs is a couple days old now, but just sending out props to Trevor Linden being resigned to the Vancouver Canucks!! (even at a meagre $600,000) This may very well be his final year before official retirement and how cool would it be (this is just me dreaming) if they would make him captain once again for his final hurrah?! Naslund is a fine captain, but I don’t honestly think he holds a candle to the heart and commitment that Linden has to this team. The majority of his NHL career has been with our beloved Canucks aside from the moronic year that they traded him away for Bertuzzi. (look how far that got us…) But after a few years he was back once again, big as life and carried on to lead the team!! This will be his 16th season with the Canucks, having played over 1000 games and gaining over 700 points!

Welcome back Trevor Linden!!

Check out his bio and stats on this website.

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute has made its call – the Ottawa Senators will beat the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanley Cup final. “The cardiovascular fitness and overall abilities of our Senators subjects (senatorus magnificus) are remarkably more developed than those of a particular species of duck (duckus loseris californiensis),” the institute declared, quoting hockey enthusiast and scientist Dr. Yur Toast. -The Vancouver Sun

It was officially my lucky night. I got invited to the opening game of the Memorial Cup featuring the Vancouver Giants vs the Plymouth Whalers. (for all you non hockey fans, the Memorial Cup is is some small way like the Stanley Cup of junior hockey) It was a great first game. We scrored early in the first. Then the scoring went back and forth thru the next 2, keeping it tied up until the end of the third. We came out strong in OT and scored the winning goal in sudden death in less than 5 mins! (that was 65 mins of play wrapped up into 30 seconds! how’d i do??) Anyways, my favoritest part of going to hockey games is how cool it looks when we score and everyone waves their white towel. The best part of this is that it was actually my good ole Vancouver Canuckleheads that started that tradition. For those of you that don’t know the background on this, have no fear, I will fill you in…

The introduction of “Towel Power” to the game of ice hockey is claimed by the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League (NHL), which began spontaneously, in a fashion unrelated to the advent of the Terrible Towel. During the 1982 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Canucks were playing the Chicago Black Hawks when Vancouver coach Roger Neilson, fed up with the performance of the officials in the game, placed a white towel on the end of a hockey stick and held it up in mock of Surrender(white flag).The Canucks players sitting on the bench followed suit, placing towels on the ends of their sticks until the bench resembled a laundry line. Although the Canucks lost that game 4-1, Neilson’s actions inadvertently began quite a trend as, when the teams returned to Vancouver for the next game, many fans brought white towels to the game and began waving them above their heads. Referred to as “Towel Power” this sparked the Canucks to win the next three games and the series, taking them to the Stanley Cup finals which they eventually lost to the New York Islanders.

So there you have it…the Vancouver Canucks actually ARE good for SOMETHING!! lol So anyways, this isn’t a great pic, but it gives you an idea of how cool it is when everyone’s out of their seat waving their white towels. It’s pretty awesome!

Did I mention I love hockey??




Don’t hate me for blogging about this so much but HEY! it’s NHL playoffs….what else is on my mind?!? HeHe!  What a HUGE win the other night though! It seems that OT is our thing.  My only complaint is that it would be so much easier on the stamina if they’d figure out how to finish it up in regulation time!  And again, you’ll tire of hearing me rant about this but, BOBBY LU IS THE MAN!!! It really should have been 3-1, maybe even 4-1 but that dude stands on his head for us.  He is worth every penny and every trade we made to get him.  Sorry Clouts, we haven’t even thought about you since you left! I’m afraid though that the Ducks are out to get our goalie.  He was run down more times last night then I’ve seen. It’s true that a few times our defense pushed a Duck into Lu, but there were a few times that he got up a little slow. Anyways, we came back after a nasty 5-1 loss in Game 1 to win in OT last night.  Game 3 is tomorrow night in the lovely home town of Vancouver.  This city is going to be NUTS!! With every win we gain so much momentum, more and more flags show up on cars, every where people are talking about the Nucks…there’s a constant hockey buzz. 

Here’s a little Stanley Cup history.  It has been 14 years since the Cup was won by a canadian team.  That year, it was brought home by the Montreal Canadiens. And to the best of my knowledge, the Vancouver Canucks have NEVER won. So I’d say, the odds aren’t really in our favor. The NHL has been dubbed “Canada’s sport but America’s cup”. The irony lies in the fact that so many of the strongest players on the american teams are Canadian. We just can’t afford to pay our players what the american teams will pay them and so, in actual fact, Canada IS winning the cup, just under an american franchise. I suppose I can deal with that.

Anyways, I digress…

It’s Hunting Season.