Share and share alike??

January 9, 2008

So I was just listening to the radio and an interesting point was brought up. They were talking about cheating, which, I’m pretty sure everyone says is bad, but somehow, it continues to happen. Funny that!  Anyways, the conversation was about revenge cheating/sex. As in, if your partner cheats on you in some way or another, are you justified in doing the same thing back? Or maybe not justified in doing it, but maybe SHOULD you do in return just so they know how bad they hurt you? And if you DO feel like revenge cheating is necessary, how soon should this happen? This sounds like a really wierd question but here’s the scenerio: Your partner cheats on you, you have a big fight about it, decide to stay together (don’t ask me why) and then, 6 months down the road the opportunity presents for you to cheat…do you sort of have a “get out of jail free card” because he/she cheated on you? Or even if just the next day after you’ve been cheated on the opportunity presents, should you/would you??

This is my opinion: (even though you didn’t ask for it)

I have NO time for cheaters. There is a saying, “once a cheat, always a cheat”. I’m not sure how I feel about that, might be true, or perhaps, everyone makes mistakes. I’d like to think it would maybe depend on the situation, but I definatly know I’d have a hard time staying with the person who cheated on me. That being said, if we did somehow make it thru and work it out, I don’t believe ANYTHING gives me free reign to do the same to him. Otherwise, I’m no better than he is. I believe it’s clear that if someone is cheating, there is something drastic missing from the relationship, and probably, you shouldn’t be together.

So I’m curious…what do you think??? Have you been cheated on? (I’ll open that one up and admit that I have been cheated on) What do you think of payback? Would you stay with the person who cheated on you??


Where in the world…

May 30, 2007

I know I tend to be a little biased in my ways, but I’ve always bragged about Canada being the best country to live in, BC being the best province and a tough tie between Kelowna and Vancouver being the best city. But now, I finally don’t need to sound biased because it was officially stated: Vancouver is the best city IN THE WORLD to live in. If you don’t believe me, check out this site. Now I can unbashedly brag about how amazing it is here.

 …did I mention I love Vancouver?!? *wink*

Breakfast of Champions

March 14, 2007


if it weren’t for amy and damon, i’d feel like a COMPLETE loser posting to no one on here.  so, to you two, THANKS for making my blogs worthwhile…i hope all you hidden blog readers will come outta the woodwork and share your thoughts.  *wink*


I saw a funny billboard on the way home from work today. I didn’t get to read the whole thing, but the big bold part (the part i saw) said: “I’m a Cereal Monogamist” So, the first day I saw it, it registered in my mind as a “serial monogamist” which I somehow got quite a chuckle out of.  But when I read it again today as CEREAL monogamist, I laughed even harder and it drew my thoughts to my cereal cupboard.  And I realized that I TOO, am a Cereal Monogamist.  Growing up we literally DID have a cereal cupboard; a cupboard dedicated ONLY to cereal, we had THAT many choices. Every morning was exciting deciding what cereal to start the day with. (i know, simple minds – simple pleasures…)  But living on your own, you rapidly realize that you can’t go thru cereal fast enough to keep it fresh when you have more than one box or so around at a time. So, you find you have to settle on one, favorite cereal.  So my latest kick is Vector Cereal.  It’s seriously the yummiest stuff!!  It’s part sugar cereal (we all need our sweet tooth craving fulfilled, no?) and part granola (the healthy part).  And I actually just noticed the other day that it’s considered a “meal replacement”. Now, I’m not a big promoter or supporter of meal replacements, but I can’t lie, there’s those random evenings when I come home and and I just DO NOT feel like cooking. Enter Vector!!  It’s impressive how sustaining it is!!  So this is where you all come in…humor me…what’s in YOUR cereal cupboard?  (kinda like, what’s in YOUR pocket??  Capital One…)

Duh. =)