New Blog, New Theme, New Life

February 24, 2009

So, a little change of scenery on here for you all! I fell drastically off the blogging bandwagon sometime last year and of course lost all my avid fans. (All 3 of you…) ūüėČ However, since starting my new life way up north, I’ve had many intrigued friends curious about what it’s REALLY like in Alaska. Have we bought our slew of sled dogs, is it warm enough in our igloo…you know how it goes! Well my friends, I hate to disappoint, but none of the standard stereotypes hold true. I have moved to one of the most beautiful places on the earth, I am sure of it. And yes, we get winters, we get snow, we get cold…but hey! so does Kelowna, and so far, nothing beats that place! But, when the clouds clear, the sun shines and I lie in bed looking out the window, I see the greatest snow peaked mountain at my doorstep and a bald eagle flying by and coming to rest in the tree just outside. Life could not be more breath taking.

And so, this is now the new theme of my blog. I will, to the best of my abilities, walk you through my new found life in one of the most beautiful, yet best kept secrets of the world.

Welcome to Juneau, Alaska!



So by popular demand, here is the update on my trip to Juneau.¬†A week ago¬†Thursday (wow is it already that long ago??)¬†I woke up at some gosh awful hour of the morning to make it across the border to Seattle and cajuneau-023.jpgtch a flight up to Juneau, Alaska. The flight was quick and painless (not sure why I expected it to be anything more) and I was there in a mere 2.5hrs with Mika the minpin in tow. Thursday was the only day of sun so I at least got to see some of the more appealing parts of Juneau in its “grandeur”. I can’t lie…Alaska is as¬†gorgeous as everyone assumes. I was stunned by the breath taking scenery. Friday was an interesting experience…we went out on the boat and pulled up shrimp pots. Ok, check that, I can’t say I personally had anything to do with pulling them up…all credit goes to the mountain and his side kick, Owen. But I WILL take credit for gettin down and dirty while popping heads off the shrimp. Who’da thunk this little princess of a city girl would be poppin shrimp heads! Andy promised the “full Alaska experience”…clearly he wasn’t about to let me down.¬†LOL Friday night we met with a few of Andy’s friends for some eats and drinks…the main reason for the “rendez-vous”¬†was originally to watch the Wild vs Canucks game. I even came prepared with my Canucks paraphernalia (hmmm…interesting choice of term), all dressed for the occasion. Lucky for Andy’s friends, the game wasn’t on Dish or I have a feeling it could have gotten a bit messy…¬† Saturday was a day (or at least a portion thereof) at the local ski hill, Eaglecrest. I’m pretty sure I’ve done enough bragging about the hill but just one last time for good measure…THAT HILL IS REDICULOUS!!! And I honestly mean that in the BEST way…anywhere from thigh to waist deep powder on a hill that looks like it MIGHT be the size of Cypress mountain, here in Vancouver. (All you locals know what I’m saying) Now most of you are saying “ya no kidding Cor, it’s kidding there’s a ton of snow”. But the crazy part was, there was no snow right in Juneau and the ski hill is a mere 15-20 min drive away…not like you’re trekking miles up a mountain. Saturday night Andy spoiled me with a home grilled salmon dinner, complemented with the sauteed shrimp we brought in the day before. Seafood doesn’t get much more fresh than that! Sunday was a great day…meeting in the morning and a fabulous home cooked Easter dinner in the company of the cutest old couple I’ve ever met. The rest of the weekend was awesome with lots of chilling out, walking dogs and good old fashioned bonding. I had the most generous host you could imagine and I cannot wait for round 2! For those of you who seem to be a little behind the ball (not mentioning any names coughkingcoughkook), click on the pix and it’ll take you to my album with the rest of them!

Big White Getaway Weekend

January 27, 2008

I just spent one of the most enjoyable 4 days with the most random selection of people up at the Big White Ski Resort just outside of Kelowna, BC.¬† One of my Califor-ni-ay friends, Mr Forrest Jinks,¬†planned a ski/board vacation with a few of his¬†male associates¬†and was kind enough to invite me and my¬†Kelowna-native partner in crime, Amy¬†Johnston,¬†along. I’m debating what was more popular: ski/boarding or fuseball…or poker for that matter. But either way, it was a perfect timed get away¬†with gorgeous sunny days on the hill, deep meaningless talks in the hottub, and 4am poker games (of course, not to mention continuous fuseball rivalrys which, I’m pretty sure, were more about the celebratory dancing then the actual game) to end off my crazy over booked month of January. It was such a raging success, we just might do it again next year! Check out the gong show pix thru the link below.


You are what you…drink?

December 21, 2007

As you pack your bags and prepare to head out on your holiday, here’s a little warning as to what might have went on in your hotel room before you got there. Seriously, the more I hear about hotels, the less I want to stay at them. The next time I hear, “HOUSEKEEEEEPING? You want your pee-low fluffed??” I might just sit in the room and watch her do it… lol

¬†WARNING: Do not watch this video within 30mins of eating ūüėČ

Happy Holidays!!!

The Vast Unknown

November 14, 2007

I was recently down in Phoenix this past weekend as some of you know. It was a fabulous weekend, and I will be posting pix in the near future togive you a little taste of what life with the Phoenicians is like, but there’s something else I want to chat about in the mean time. I¬†am arizona-desert.jpgin awe of the geographical changes that took place on the flight from Phoenix up to Seattle. The obvious beginning is the desert of Arizona. I can’t say I’m really a big fan of the desert, but it has a beauty in it’s own strange way. Vast open land, speckled with cacti and rugged greenery. We made our way up north over the Grand Canyon where the terrain becomes jagged and irregular. Huge crevices broke up the wide open sand filled land. As we continued north, the¬†ground below¬†slowly began to regain color. We came into farm land…the checkered¬†fields displaying¬†differmountains-and-trees.jpgent shades of brown, gold and green. (pardon my ignorance, but being Canadian, I’m not certain which state that was…i know, i can’t make fun of Americans any more…) *wink* Then the territory started to look familiar again…hills turned to mountains, brown land turned to lush green grass, accented against the white snow capped peaks as we came up¬†through¬†Oregon into Washington. How amazing is it, that in one short plane ride, and never having to leave the country, complete geographical opposites occur. We truly live in an amazing part of the world. Not only do we have such vast extremes on one continent, but it has become so easy to travel to all parts.

Yet again, one of the many things in life I take for granted.

Easy Come Easy Go

July 30, 2007

Well summer is ticking along as it does. Although, I’m pretty sure Vancouver doesn’t really know what summer is.¬† We had our one token week of summer and then welcomed back a record setting week of rain. To get away from it all I’ve been making my monthly road trips up to Kelowna and getting my fill of vino and UVs…not necessarily in that order…!!¬† This past weekend was my darling Deena’s extended birthday celebrations.¬† We kicked the weekend off with a stunning dinner at Mission Hill Winery and finished the eve with refreshing bevvies on the one and only Earl’s patio, taking in the sights and sounds of downtown Kelowna. (and we all know how entertaining THAT can be…) Saturday was our dedicated beach day. These girls don’t mess around…we got there at 10:30 am and didn’t leave till 7pm. We did it all…swimming, volleyballing, even bumcheek burning… (dont ask!) Saturday night we took in the sounds of Parks Alive complimented by none other than Moo-Lix icecream. (ok, so I broke the trend and succumbed to my caffeine addiction, but the rest of ’em enjoyed their cold treats). Sunday was a day of resting¬†and consuming…what better combination?! All in all, it was a much needed summer weekend getaway. Check out my pix by clicking on the photo below!


As most of you know, I’ve hardly been home for the past 2 weeks, having been in Kelowna for 4 days for my granny’s funeral, then to San Diego for Santee Convention.¬† It’s been great, at least the Santee part was, but seriously, the more you’re away, the more you appreciate home.¬† Not to mention your own bed. I was in Kelowna from Thursday until Monday.¬† My parents had to stay an extra day and drive my brother back to the states so my other granny drove home with me, meaning I had to stay at my parents with her till they got back. So I got one day in town (which yes, only means one day of work) and then took off to convention. I was there from Wed till Sunday. Of course, my flight got delayed so I didn’t get in till 2am but thankfully collapsed into my own bed for a total¬†of 5 hrs.¬†I then got to unpack, repack, and come back to stay with my granny again while my parents are gone on their cruise. Sigh.¬†My poor roomie is convinced that I’ve moved out. But I suppose as long as my rent money keeps showing up, there’s not a whole lot for her to worry about.¬† Anyways, that all being said, I had a marvelous time in Santee. Saw lots of old faces, met many more new ones, and of course, got to spend some wonderful time with my man! =) Feel free to check out the pix from convention as well as a few more from when I was in Kelowna on my Picassa web album.


I have never been the jokster type and have generally been known to avoid April’s Fool jokes like the plague because A) I have a terrible imagination and B) payback’s a (insert exploitive).¬† I just plain old hate jokes being played on me. But this year, I had some motivation.¬† I was in California visiting Damon, yet again, and my parents have continually given me a hard time because every time I’ve gone down there, it’s¬†never been to the same place.¬† It’s been Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Phoenix, San Diego…take your pick. I might be anywhere.¬† So, playing on that, we decided to play a NASTY joke on my mom.¬† I say “we” because I initially didn’t have the guts to do it.¬† But Damon somehow urged me enough to go thru with it.¬† I called my parents just after meeting Sunday morning, mostly just because I hadn’t talked to them in a few days and just wanted to say hi.¬† However, my mother of course asked the fatal question: “So, where are you?”¬† She, of course, only meant this as a joke, assuming I was in San Diego, where I said I’d be, but I ran with it.¬† “I’m…in….Vegas?!” I replied hesitantly.¬† “VEGAS??” She gasped, “I thought you were supposed to be back in San Diego?!”¬† “Well,” I continued, “we were, but there was a slight change of plans…”¬† Enough said.¬† Silence was the VERY stern reply.¬† She clearly did NOT know what day it was.¬† The moral of this story for me was that I will, under no uncertain circumstances, NOT elope.¬† Ever.¬†

Good thing we clarified that!! =)


March 6, 2007

So, as most of you know, I was in Anaheim this last weekend at Disneyland with Damon. It was SUCH a blast…I hadn’t been since I was 9, and I was much more brave this time ’round! Actually went on the fun rides…as well as the cliche standards like It’s a Small World, and yes, although he wouldn’t want to admit it, Damon went on that one with me!! lol I was seriously like a kid in a candy shop…I couldn’t get enough of the childish entertainment. The truth is, they do an img_0074.jpgamazing job of making it very adult friendly as well. Some of the best rides for me were Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Pirates of the Caribbean was pretty cool too, but it wasn’t much of “ride” per se. Click on the pic of me and Tigger to see the rest of the weekend’s photos. (and check out the dude in the background….WHAT is he taking a picture of…?!?!)

But it wasn’t ALL fun and games…I got to have my share of public humiliation. Damon threatened to blog about this, but he so kindly didn’t, so I figured I’d entertain you and give you a mid-week pick up with this little film clip. So, the background on this, before you watch… Damon and I had just finished grabbing a cold drink and were gonna sit and watch the Fire Hall jazz combo do their little performance and rest out feet for a bit. I hadn’t even got sat down, and the trombone player ran over and dragged me into the band to “make flames” around the percussionist. Now, I don’t know how YOU would emulate flames, but I wasn’t convinced this was the best way. But hey! I was just following directions. So anyways, entertain yourselves and have a laugh (at my expense or course), cuz this will the the LAST time you ever get to see footage like this: